Leather Reign 2017 - Registration is Open!


Leather Reign 2017 Registration Is Open!
November 10-12, 2017

Come join our new producers as we kick off our second decade at our new location!

Mission: Leather Reign is an environment where participants can discover their power to intentionally and intimately connect with primal sexuality, power exchange relationships, and each other.

Vision: Leather Reign devotes a weekend to exploring and building healthy and fulfilling experiences in BDSM, Leather Sex, and power dynamic relationships.

Leather Reign invites both a) new speakers with new perspectives and b) favored speakers from past conferences, offering new ideas, experienced perspectives, and interesting discussions.  

We provide an environment that facilitates personal growth for everyone as well as developing the community as a whole.

Come join us!

Keynote Speaker:  Ramien Pierre
Ramien Pierre lives in Baltimore, MD where he is married to his best friend/love of his life. Ramien was Mr. DC Eagle 2014 and International Mr. Leather 2014. He is also a proud member of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of ONYX - a national leather fraternity for gay and bisexual men of color. Ramien's involvement with ONYX and the leather community in general have helped him become a more interesting, powerful, and high-fidelity version of himself through the practice of self-love and self-kindness. 

Ramien is a lifelong learner and "journeyman educator". He holds degrees from Haverford College, Brown University, Harvard University, and is a currently a doctoral candidate at The George Washington University. He has taught middle school and high school history, worked as a high school and college administrator, and administered national and international performing arts management training programs. He is currently a training administrator and curriculum designer for aerospace engineers.

A peek into Ramien's questionable moral code: First, Ramien connects strongly to the "why" of leather as much as the "what" and "how" of leathercraft, because it is through the "why" that we connect with our authentic selves and with others. Second, he believes every human action is either an expression of love or a call for love. Third, he believes when we figuratively "pour ourselves" into leather, we are literally transformed - just like the shape of water poured into a vessel takes the shape of the vessel. Fourth and always, he believes the you of this moment is exactly enough.
End Note Speaker:  Just Angel
Angel is a strong leather woman bootblack who is happiest when sharing her experiences with others. As a multifaceted edge player, Angel believes that gender and sexuality are irrelevant when it comes to Play, Sex, Boots, and Affection. She is an incredibly passionate Bootblack and teacher who brings her sex positive viewpoints to the table. Angel is able to open dialogues about leather. Her determination and love for others shines through in all that she does both in and out of the community. Angel is a steadfast activist for Disabled Rights. She was honored to be the 2014 Southwest Bootblack, and Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2009. Introduced to the lifestyle in 2004, her heart and passion has grown ever since for the community. Her classes are memorable, personal, and deeply impactful. Angel draws from her many community experiences to create a unique class environment. The heart of who she has become during her life and her leather journey═ż is as a teacher.

Her primary fondness falls to boots, blood, impact, whips, and bondage. Angel is a founding member of a few groups ranging from entry level social groups to submissive support groups. (She is a founding member of Kinky Coffee Oklahoma, Oklahoma Submissive Support. and the Rose Rock girls of Leather. ) Angel believes in a non gender bias lifestyle. When it comes to play, sex, boots, affection, and love it does not matter what gender the other person is or even if they have a gender at all.
Friday Intensive - Team Soup

Savagery: The Sometimes Brutal Truth of Play in an M/s Dynamic

The prey is caught in the terrifying gaze of the fierce, violent and animalistic Beast. This is the tale of both the Beast and the prey. Sometimes it ain't about what the slave/property wants, likes or even needs. Sometimes it’s just about being prey to a savage and brutal Owner.

This expanded class aims to fully explore power dynamics that include the Owners’ sadistic and total use of the slave. Through discussion and demonstration, we will cover the following topics: 

• What does it mean to indulge your sadism beyond the desires and needs of the slave? What type of person would do so?
• Is it emotionally safe and/or wise for a slave to live in this type of dynamic?
• Can a relationship be healthy if it includes sadistic use that extends well-beyond the enjoyment of the slave?
• Is this approach appropriate for all M/s relationships? 
• What are the risks and pitfalls of this level of brutality and sadism within an M/s dynamic?
• What can Masters and slaves in this type of dynamic do to keep themselves and the relationship healthy and whole? 
• What types of communication methods are helpful and necessary within this type of dynamic?

Please come with your thoughts, questions and personal experiences. We look forward to having in-depth discussions with the class about savage brutal use within an M/s dynamic.
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