Turning the Table: The Role and Responsibilities of a Dinner Guest - Lily Seville

Formal dining is an excellent platform and a natural go-to for those interested in high protocol play. The possibilities for perverting and sub-verting the paradigm for all sorts of sexy fun are endless. But! There is more to being a good dinner guest than showing up hungry. If you want to play the game well you need to know the rules first.

In this beginner level class we will cover all the basics that a guest needs to know in order attend a formal dinner party (kinky or vanilla) with confidence and grace.

Students will learn:

  • Advanced table manners: Understanding and using the silent service code, how to recognize a finger bowl and what to do with it once you have, and more!
  • How to get invited back: Important etiquette for both before you arrive and after you leave.
  • The ins and outs of receiving service in the three most common service styles
  • Tips on gracefully recovering from a faux pas
  • The anatomy of a place setting
Anyone with an interest in protocol dining is welcome in this class. Attendance is mandatory for those who will be a guest at one of the three high protocol tables at the banquet on Saturday night.

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