The Long Way Home: Leather Pathways for the Solo s-type - Caleb Kohutek

This is a class addressing s-types specifically, but anyone interested in power exchange, self-love, inclusivity, and queering leather could benefit.

With the class, I will lead a discussion about the values and ideas surrounding earning leather and leather paths in our community, including “old guard” vs. “new guard;” earned, gifted, and found leather; and forging new traditions. Our class will emphasize that one does not need a D-type to legitimize one’s place in the community.

Community members who are asexual, aromantic, solo poly, and/or who are working on personal challenges and just not interested in exchanging power – this class is designed for you. S-types who have been afraid to leave an incompatible power exchange relationship for fear of loss of “belonging” in the leather community, this class is also for you.

How can you earn leather without a D-type? What are some positive and healthy outlets for your drive to serve, if personal service to a D-type is not available? We will answer these questions with creative ideas and solutions. Please come with an open mind, an open heart, and a positive and present attitude.

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