Redefining Fucking - Bootblack Marta and Andi

What constitutes fucking? Collaboration, consent, and intention are those key components that distinguish sex from other kinds of erotic activity. Whether it’s giving directions over the phone while using language to guide you both through a shared erotic adventure or fellating the heel of her stiletto shoe with your hands bound behind your back and your genitals untouched or penis-in-vagina copulation between a married couple intent on procreation, fucking is about the state of mind of those involved. By choosing to view pleasure and intimacy through a wide lens our possibilities for points of erotic connection across gender, orientation, physical size and features, health and ability become endless. In this round table discussion we’ll talk together about how our explorations of “alternative sexualities” in the kink and leather communities informs our understanding and challenges preconceived notions of sex.

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