Finding Your Independent Roar - Just Angel

Navigating our community is not easy, be it that you are new to it or that you have changed in some way. All of us change through the self-exploration and discovery; it is the brave that embrace who they have become. Sometimes changes come when a relationship starts and most of the time when they end; we will explore some ways to create a rich passion-filled world with or without an owner. We will discuss how to keep that edge that makes you desirable and keeps the creepies away. Search out how to maintain a heart of service and submission without giving it all away to the whole world. Together the class will examine and discuss how to maintain your life while being open to relationships. Through this class, Angel seeks to share her road map on how she navigated through the community. She will share with you helpful tools such as personal protocols, mindfulness, goal setting, rules, and decorum that you can put to use in your own life!

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