Dinner is Served: Practical Skills for Serving at Table - Lily Seville

If you day dream about being a dapperly dressed butler or hosting an elegant dinner party but don’t know where to start this is the class for you! In this all day workshop designed for beginners participants will learn the basics for planning and executing a formal dinner party from the guest list to the digestifs, with the focus being on the skills needed to set and serve at table. Class will culminate with the opportunity to show off your new skills by serving a special table at the banquet on Saturday night.

Participants will leave class knowing:

  • The ABC’s of Tableware: What you really need and what you can do without
  • Advanced table manners: Understanding and using the silent service code
  • Perverting the Paradigm: How to make Victorian rules work in a modern, kinky, queer, or ____ setting.
  • The pros and cons of different service styles and how to choose the best one for you
  • How to use a butler’s stick to set the perfect table
  • Service Hacks: how to manage mistakes gracefully and serve well under less than ideal conditions

There will be ample hands-on practice time with individual attention. Because of the unique nature of this workshop class size is strictly limited and pre-registration is required. If you are registering for this class *do not buy* a Saturday night dinner ticket. A detailed email will be sent following your registration.

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