You want me to make you ANOTHER sandwich? Maintaining a Spirit of Service in Long Term Authority Transfer Relationships

The 974th time you bring your owner a cup of tea is different than the first. Laying out his clothes for yet another day of work is not quite as exciting as packing for an erotic weekend getaway. Picking up her dry cleaning on your way to get cat food doesn't have the same charm it did a decade ago.

Is it possible to avoid the trap of everyday service becoming mundane? Can a task, performed by rote memory, be as meaningful as an act of service undertaken with timid, trembling hands? If it is important to "keep it fresh" who is responsible for the creativity and innovation required?

Through stories of one slave's struggle we will explore the patterns and cycles of long term authority transfer relationships. Whether your relationship to service still has that "new boot smell" or the comfort of well worn leather, this class will offer practical strategies for the journey from eager novice to practiced expert while illuminating the joys and challenges that are often encountered along the way.

Rachel is U-Haul's slave. She has spent more than 20 years in the kink and leather lifestyle with a strong identity as a masochist and a deep love for providing quality service. She is a dynamic educator who is always eager to share her perspective and learn from the perspectives of others.

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