Ally Toolkit - Bootblack Marta and Andi

Structural inequality, unconscious bias, and under representation of marginalized communities make up some of the toxic elements we navigate in our day-to-day lives. Those of us who have found our home in the kink and leather communities should be as vigilant and conscientious at recognizing instances of oppression within our own subculture. As a microcosm of our society as a whole, we find representations among our people of much of the same diversity, privilege, and social conditioning found in the rest of society. But in what ways are the actions required by members of our communities distinct? What unique considerations do we have when considering the safety of others? What responsibility do we have, if any, to consider language, behaviour, and imagery that might be triggering for some? How do we create events and spaces that demonstrate solidarity with people of color, queer and trans folks, folks of differing abilities and religions and citizenships? And how do we move forward when we (inevitably) miss the mark? In this discussion based workshop, we will tackle these questions and work to learn together.

Our sex is political. Our Leather, D/s, M/s and Queer identities are politicized. As relationship radicals, sexual deviants, binary breakers and all around convention busting pioneers operating outside of social norms we are primed to set bar high when creating an inclusive, inviting environment for all.

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