The Captain


TheCaptain has been exploring, learning, and sometimes battling with kink for over 15 years. As a part of the Seattle community he absorbs whatever he can from events, partners, and peers to expand his understanding of all things deviant. He is a member of the CSPC, BSPC, and the Edge Riders Evergreen Chapter. He enjoys regularly frequenting events across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

An educator in his professional life for more than a decade, TheCaptain is excited to apply his skill set and experience to facilitate discussions he'd like to see better represented in the community. Personally, his kink proclivities include a broad spectrum ranging from violence in many varied forms to service, ritual, and suffering. Through it all, he finds power and authority to be consistent, central themes in his life.

TheCaptain will be presenting:

Principled Predators, Empowered Prey
Who We Are, Beyond What We Do

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