Rachel is U-Haul's slave. She transfers full authority over her life into his care, while maintaining a complex family and highly demanding career. As a result, Rachel is very familiar with feeling overwhelmed, but also with feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. After entering the community at a young age, Rachel has spent more than 20 years in the kink and leather lifestyle. She has been a member of various organizations in California and Washington State, each of which has had an important role in shaping her experience. Rachel has a strong identity as a masochist, appreciating play that is often characterized as "edgy" or "primal." She also fosters a deep love for providing quality service, and is grateful for opportunities give back to individuals and the community. A life long learner and educator, Rachel is always eager to share her perspective and learn from the perspectives of others.

Rachel will be presenting:

You want me to make you ANOTHER sandwich? Maintaining a Spirit of Service in Long Term Authority Transfer Relationships

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