Ms. Kelly Chance and slave boiDi


Ms. Kelly Chance has been an active member of the Northwest BDSM community since 1999 when she attended her first munch in the Tri-Cities, WA and quickly became involved by volunteering with the local group. She has served on the board of Five Rivers Energy Exchange in the Tri-Cities. She is Northwest Master 2017. After moving back to Seattle in 2004 to be with her Master, she became an active in the Seattle community as member of the Center for Sex Positive Culture and is a founding member of Seattle MAsT. Ms. Kelly is on the Board of Directors of Evergreen Leather Events which produces Leather Reign, a Seattle based conference and worked on the Kink LINCS Organizing Committee. She has been in service to Master Duane's since 2002, and is currently Mistress/Master in her relationships with tiger and slaveboi Di. Ms. Kelly has taught classes at In the Woods, Paradise, Vancouver Edge, Kitsap Aces, and Northwest Leather Celebration. She credits much of her current sense of self to her BDSM /Leather journey and continues to learn and grow as she interacts with both her teachers and her students.

Most importantly, slave boiDi is proud and honored to be owned and collared by Ms. Kelly Chance and has an incredible life as part of a leather family. Hy is Northwest slave 2017. Little did hy know that 6 years ago, when Ms. Kelly Chance purchased him for a lap dance at Midori's Bang for the Buck in Seattle that their two divergent worlds would come together in such an amazing Master/slave relationship today.

slave boiDi began an interest in power exchange when in the U.S. Navy dating a wonderful person who opened up the world of sexual outlaws and exploring BDSM. Hy identifies as a slave/leatherboi and has the heart and soul for service.

slave boiDi has been playing in the Seattle leather community since 1992. Hy was one of the last members of the lesbian BDSM group, Outer Limits before it disbanded. slave boiDi has been actively involved with the Center for Sex Positve Culture; active advocate for the Women's Parties, Co-founder of the weekly party: Blood, Sweat and Queers. Hy is the Co-Founder and past President of Seattle boys of Leather. Hy is also Washington State Ms. Leather 2010. slave boiDi has presented workshops for Kinkfest, Paradise Unbound, Vancouver Edge, Northwest Leather Celebration, the CSPC, and Lupercalia.

Ms. Kelly Chance and slave boiDi will be presenting:

The Switch Challenge, the Switch Reward

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