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Angel is a strong leather women bootblack who is happiest when sharing her experiences with others. As a multifaceted edge player, Angel believes that gender and sexuality are irrelevant when it comes to Play, Sex, Boots, and Affection. She is an incredibly passionate Bootblack and teacher who brings her sex positive viewpoints to the table. Angel is able to open dialogues about leather. Her determination and love for others shines through in all that she does both in and out of the community. Angel is a steadfast activist for Disabled Rights. She was honored to be the 2014 Southwest Bootblack, and Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2009. Introduced to the lifestyle in 2004, her heart and passion has grown ever since for the community. Her classes are memorable, personal, and deeply impactful. Angel draws from her many community experiences to create a unique class environment. The heart of who she has become during her life and her leather journey═ż is as a teacher.

Her primary fondness falls to boots, blood, impact, whips, and bondage. Angel is a founding member of a few groups ranging from entry level social groups to submissive support groups. (She is a founding member of Kinky Coffee Oklahoma, Oklahoma Submissive Support. and the Rose Rock girls of Leather. ) Angel believes in a non gender bias lifestyle. When it comes to play, sex, boots, affection, and love it does not matter what gender the other person is or even if they have a gender at all.

Just Angel will be presenting:

Finding Your Independent Roar
Endnote Address - Sunday Brunch

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