CorvusBlack and Violet

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CorvusBlack and his mate Violet live in a 24/7 Total Power Exchange. A witch with 13 years of experience practicing in a coven format, Corvus came into the Kink scene in 2010 and Founded ORBS in 2012 where he serves the community as a spirituality minded hook suspension practitioner.

Violet joined the community in 2011 and has utilized her personal calling to serve by actively volunteering as a teacher, a demo bottom, and a helping hand Corvus and Violet share a passion for education, seeking greater understanding, and nurturing deeper connections. Together they look forward to continuing community education with a fun, well rounded, and intentional approach.

CorvusBlack and Violet will be presenting:

Doing Me Right: Empowering Power Exchange Relationships through Self-Mastery

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