Caressa, NW Handler 2017, and Skuff Pup, NW Puppy 2017


Caressa is a Queer Femme Woman from Washington State. She is the Northwest Handler 2017, a Board Member for the Seattle Pups and Handler as well as the Secretary for the Seattle girls of Leather. Caressa is a Handler, Pony, Dark Age player and Edgy Bottom with a love of Blood, Cuddling and Suffering for those she deems worthy.

Skuff Pup is the Northwest Puppy 2017 title holder, 2016 International Puppy of the Year and the current President of Seattle Pups and Handlers (SEAPAH). He is an Arkansas native who severed honorably for 11 years in the Marine Corps on active duty. Skuff started his kink journey over 15 years ago where he has been learning, exploring and sharing his adventures and experience ever since. He moved to Seattle in 2009 and has been active within the Puppy and Leather community in Seattle for many years. Skuff became a part of the board for SEAPAH two and a half years ago, one of the Nation’s largest puppy social groups. Besides Puppy, Skuff has many interest including leather, rubber, ab/dl and furry and is always first in line with a hug and a smile!

Caressa and Skuff Pup will be presenting:

Age Playing with Puppies

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