Brett H


BrettH has been doing public education for over 20 years but started leading workshops in the BDSM community in the last few years. He leads workshops he wishes someone would have been teaching when he was younger in his kink journey.

While his community volunteerism is usually behind the scenes he has been involved in some more visible community projects, include curating the Education Through Voyeurism series for GLPW at the Blood, Sweat, and Queers Party at Seattle's Center for Sex Positive Culture, co-chairing the program committee for the 2013 KinkLINCS leadership conference in Seattle, and participating in the planning of the Leather Reign Conference since 2013.

Brett likes to find the edge of most anything that interests him. He is a zealot and has yet to find meaningfully fulfilling moderation.

BrettH will be presenting:

Shame: Hot, Lucious, and Healing
Wanting Depth and Getting It

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