Boromoy and slave amari

Boromoy and amari

Boromoy is honored to have been selected to be the 2017 Washington State Master Titleholder. Boromoy is the current President of Leather Azimuth, Term 2016-2018. He also founded and runs Columbia Basin Tops to help educate other Masters and Dominants. He has presented at venues such as Meet in the Middle and munches throughout the state, bringing his years of experience and diverse knowledge to the extended community. Boromoy and amari have been in a Master/slave relationship for a decade and enjoy the depth, power and emotional connection inherent in a M/s relationship. Together, with his slave, they co-host a D/s munch and are members of MAsT: Portland.

Boromoy and slave amari will be presenting:

Standing Strong: Building Community for M/s Relationships

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