Bootblack Marta and Andi


Marta is a queer Femme, Girl, top-leaning Switch, and play pig who's spent 10 years in kink community, 6 in leather, and 5 bootblacking. Since representing her communities as First Runner-Up International Ms. Bootblack 2015, Great Lakes Bootblack 2014, and Indiana Bootblack 2014 she continues to present and judge at events nationwide! Most fulfilling experiences include co-founding the first Bootblacks' Laboratory skillshare in Indianapolis; handling family in their title runs; joining the IML contestant shine team since 2015; judging SmutSlam Indianapolis; and bootblacking for Indianapolis Kink Society, IMsBB High Shine documentary fundraiser, and 30th anniversary of her home bar, the 501 Eagle, prior to its closing. She is proud recipient of the 2016 Pantheon of Leather Great Lakes Regional award.

Aptly named Mama's Panty Dropper, Marta is a free-loving relationship anarchist and all-around bashful hussy who centers spouse Walter, sibling Lynn, Daddy Tony, and beau/Handler Andi within her poly constellation.

Andi is a switchy, swishy, relationship anarchist, cigar smoking leather genderqueer. Based in Indianapolis, they are a co-founder of CIQ: Central Indiana Queers and member of Andromeda: a group for women and non-binary folk. Andi has taught and spoken on panels at Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Indiana Leather Pride, Labor Day Libertine, GLLA-Michigan, and Indiana University, discussing feminism in art, trans and non-binary identities, and next generation leather. An avid reader, they are always eager to lend books and share resources.

Andi puts their fine art degree to use designing promo materials and custom pieces for burlesque, leather, queer, and kink events and fundraisers. Most recently, they illustrated the book Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities.

Andi's hot buttons include: knives, humiliation, gender outlaws, unapologetic, brutal, filthy fucking, and John Waters.

Bootblack Marta and Andi will be presenting:

Ally Toolkit
Redefining Fucking
Relationship Anarchy

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