Savagery: The Sometimes Brutal Truth of Play in an M/s Dynamic

Team Soup

The prey is caught in the terrifying gaze of the fierce, violent and animalistic Beast. This is the tale of both the Beast and the prey. Sometimes it ain't about what the slave/property wants, likes or even needs. Sometimes it’s just about being prey to a savage and brutal Owner.

This expanded class aims to fully explore power dynamics that include the Owners’ sadistic and total use of the slave. Through discussion and demonstration, we will cover the following topics:
• What does it mean to indulge your sadism beyond the desires and needs of the slave? What type of person would do so?
• Is it emotionally safe and/or wise for a slave to live in this type of dynamic?
• Can a relationship be healthy if it includes sadistic use that extends well-beyond the enjoyment of the slave?
• Is this approach appropriate for all M/s relationships?
• What are the risks and pitfalls of this level of brutality and sadism within an M/s dynamic?
• What can Masters and slaves in this type of dynamic do to keep themselves and the relationship healthy and whole?
• What types of communication methods are helpful and necessary within this type of dynamic?

Please come with your thoughts, questions and personal experiences. We look forward to having in-depth discussions with the class about savage brutal use within an M/s dynamic.

Hypnosis for D/s


Learning to communicate effectively with your partner and developing your ability to understand their headspace are critical in D/s, from either side of the slash. These are also the fundamental skills needed to do hypnosis.

In this intensive exploration of hypnosis, we’ll begin with an overview of simple hypnotic methods and practice methods to guide one another into trance. Next, we’ll delve into different ways to use hypnosis within authority transfer relationships: to alter emotional states and vastly accelerate training in one’s submissive partner, as well as to offer an intensely relaxing service to one’s dominant partner.

No prior experience is needed. One exercise is designed explicitly for attendees in committed D/s relationships, while the other hands-on exercises are intended to be approachable for all interested parties. Therapeutic uses of hypnosis are outside the scope of this class and will not be discussed.

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