Enrichment Scholarships

Leather Reign is offering scholarships to individuals and couples who are interested in attending and would not otherwise be able to.

Our goal with these scholarships is to make the personal growth opportunities Leather Reign provides available to people who are underrepresented in our communities and who experience barriers to participation.

To apply for an enrichment scholarship:

1. Send a brief description of yourself, including barriers to participation in Leather Reign or similar events that you experience.
2. Include an essay about how you believe attending Leather Reign will enrich your life and your experience of under representation.
3. If you are applying as a couple, please include the perspectives of both parties.

If writing is a barrier for you, we will accept applications in alternate formats.

There are a limited number of scholarships and we review the applications as they come in. Please submit your application early to ensure the greatest likelihood of award.

Selected scholarship recipients will receive free admission to Leather Reign including play party admission.

Submit your application materials here. If you have any questions, please contact the scholarship committee here.

Gypsy Jill Scholarship

To honor the memory of Gypsy Jill, we award one scholarship each year to recognize an individual that strives to embody the attributes in life and in Leather that Gypsy Jill herself embodied.

Gypsy Jill was a healer and a giver of light. She was a selfless supporter and initiator in all things she touched including her Leather (BDSM).

Gypsy Jill sought beauty and personal growth – a spiritualism, a higher level of being, feeling, or expressing through service - service to herself and well-being, service to her community(s), service to those in recovery, and service to humanity. Empowerment was Gypsy Jill’s favorite word in finding one’s self and that higher light.

To apply, send us an email that shares how you meet the following criteria:

• A desire to participate at Leather Reign and what the conference represents in M/s and other D/s relationships
• A financial need
• Living in the lifestyle for 2 or more years
• An essay about “What spiritualism in Leather means to me” in 700 words or less. Include in your essay how you have found a higher self in your Leather

The selected scholarship recipient will receive one free admission to Leather Reign under The Gypsy Jill Scholarship.

Submit your application materials here.

Deadline for the scholarships is September 30, 2018.

“We are creators of our own mythologies and heroes in our own stories” – Gypsy Jill

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