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    What are the play party rules?
    Out of consideration and courtesy to the host hotel, we will be requiring that the following activities not take place in the dungeon:

    1. Scat
    2. Golden Showers

    General Rules:

    1. Absolutely no recording devices of any type are permitted at the play party. This includes, but is not limited to, computers, cell phones and related accessories (i.e. ear buds and Headsets), cameras (digital and film), and personal digital assistants (PDAs). We will again have a photographer available to take your picture for donations.
    2. Play Party Monitors (DMs) will be on hand to supervise activities in the play space. Any questions or concerns regarding activities taking place during the play parties should be directed to any DM on duty. All decisions by the DMs are final. There is no appeal process.
    3. Clean equipment and surrounding areas after your scene. Wipe equipment down with disinfectant. Cleaning materials will be provided at multiple stations throughout the location of the play party.
    4. When others are waiting we ask that you limit your scenes to 90 minutes or less and that you clear the station promptly.
    5. Do not handle or touch other player’s toys or personal equipment without permission.
    6. Do not intrude into a scene unless specifically invited by the scene participants.
    7. Watching scenes from a respectful distance is permitted. No talking will be allowed by any spectators unless it is to bring something to the attention of the DM.
    8. DO NOT talk to the players while the scene is progressing unless invited to by the players.
    9. Because our space is limited we are offering a lounge area for socializing and conversation
    10.Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or heavy scents.

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