Leather Reign 2016

Catherine Gross

I am an educator and a Master Certified Coach. I offer classes that focus on relationships, dominance and submission, physical skills, Master/slave, improving your sex life, personal development, house management, service, keeping relationships healthy and much more. I’ve logged 4000+ education hours teaching Servant’s Retreat alone. I have served on local and national boards, judged contests, staffed conferences in a variety of positions, emceed and produced events/fundraisers for several charities and organizations. I am currently the producer of SouthEast LeatherFest and a board member of Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M).

I have presented classes at 600+ organizations. I was presented with Black Rose's Vaughn Keith National Educator Award in 2002 and Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Service Award 2006, Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year award in 2006, Jack Stice Memorial Award 2016. I am a founder of the Women’s Leather History Program.

I have written a safety manual in use by more than a dozen organizations scattered from coast to coast. You can download a copy on my website. Visit my sites at BDSMClasses.com and ForYourLifeCoach.com. Follow me on Tweeter @SuccessCoachMCC and @BDSMClasses
I created Servant's Retreat I & II, Nine Fold Path Seminar, and Foundations in Mastery. I am known for life changing weekend seminars. My new seminar is called Inviting the Muse: Longevity & Creativity in your M/s and D/s life. I love people and being able to go deep with them is one of the great privileges of my life.

"Teaching provides me with great joy. I love seeing emotional and intellectual connections made in class discussions. We've all contributed to educating each other in many ways. It's my great fortune to participate in the creation of these moments."

Workshops Presented:

Friday Intensive: Progressive Relations
BDSM Healing & Feminine Sexual Power

Gene Romaine

Gene is currently President of Generic Leather Productions of Washington. GLPW is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to produce events which raise money for charities benefiting the sexual minority community. Gene was Northwest Mr. Drummer 2001, and was the Regional Producer of the Northwest LeatherSir, Leatherboy & Community Boot Black Contest from August 2002 through September 2011. In May, 2010, Gene was honored to have had the opportunity to serve on the judging panel of the International Mr. Leather Contest. In October 2012, he was tapped to be a judge for the American Leatherman, Leather Woman & Leatherboy Contest. He was awarded the Pantheon of Leather-Northwest Regional Award for 2008 and the Leather Emerald Award in 2003. He is a former President of Seattle Men in Leather and was Washington State Mr. Leather 2004. He is the proud Patriarch of the Dragon Clan – a leather family whose raison d’etre is to promote camaraderie for proven leaders in the leather community. He is a proud member of Mama’s Family, an international group of dedicated, warm-hearted people that Mama Sandy Reinhardt has adopted for their involvement in the Leather Community – holding the nickname of “Mama’s Papa Dragon”. Gene is a member of Seattle Men in Leather, associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, and an honorary member of Seattle Boys of Leather. Gene regularly presents workshops on various types of BDSM techniques, including whips, fire play, mummification and “Impact Play”, among other topics. When he is not working to promote sex positive culture, spending quality time with his leatherboy and husband, or attending almost any BDSM event he can, he is pursuing a career as a Phlebotomist and EKG Technician.

Workshops Presented:

Building Communities That Feed Your Soul

M. Jen Fairfield and Dr. Bob (Robert J Rubel)

Jen is Dr. Bob’s Master. She has extensive experience managing authority-imbalanced relationships. Her D/s experience began in 1992 as she dipped her toe in the water with a nurturing Mommy/boy relationship. Seeking more control than the Mommy/boy relationship could offer, Jen ended that relationship after one year and – following a year of introspection and personal clarification – entered a full-blown D/s relationship that she ran for another 16 years.

Jen found her home in the Leather culture in the fall of 2010 and has embraced her calling as a Leather woman – to live a highly focused life with a partner (or partners) who are willing to hold themselves to exacting moral and ethical standards.

Over the past four years, Jen has been working closely with Dr. Bob attending and presenting at conferences throughout Canada and the US. Over the last year, Jen has developed a growing number of presentations that are separate from Bob’s.

Dr. Bob, an author, educator and photographer is an educational sociologist and researcher by training. He currently has ten books in print and two DVDs (Books: four on Master/slave topics, two on advanced sex techniques, one on fire play, and three erotic art photo books. Additionally, he has produced two educational DVDs: one on fire play and one on beginning impact play).

Recipient of the 2008 Pantheon of Leather's Community Choice Award (man), Dr. Bob has been involved in the BDSM and Total Power Exchange (TPE) scenes since the summer of 2001, throwing himself into the literature of the field as though it were an academic study. He presents, judges, and sells his books at weekend kink conferences throughout the year.

Workshops Presented:

Leather vs. Not-Leather approaches to Master/slave Structures – Important Differences
Yikes! My Submissive is Dominant

Jim Duvall and Sophia Sky

Jim Duvall began his career as an erotic photographer in the early days of the World Wide Web when he started janesguide.com with his former partner. He provided content for many online endeavors including bondage.com. His art has been shown at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and many other art festivals around North America. He helped start The Betty Pages, an LGBT magazine, and was a contributor for the magazine for 5 years.

As a sexuality activist Mr. Duvall has volunteered for many organizations over the years. He is a founder of the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC) and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. He is a past President and Board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and CSPC and the current President of the Board for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture.
Jim Duvall teaches on a variety of topics from erotic photography to rope bondage all over North America. Currently he works as a fine art photographer in Seattle, WA.

Sophia Sky is identifies as a Shenaniganarian and uses she/her pronouns. She is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and is working to change the world’s ideas about sexuality, speaking at universities, conventions, and private groups around North America. Sophia believes that being sex positive means respecting the spectrum of sexual expression from asexual to omnisexual. She is a lover of art, sex, learning & starry skies.

Workshops Presented:
Kinesthetic Polyamoury

Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an eclectic artist, author, spirit-worker, gender radical, and internationally known sexuality, spirituality, and personal authenticity educator who has taught in every state, as well as worldwide. He has been an active part of the international kink, pagan, and sex positive communities for almost 20 years, and believes passionately that laughter and soul searching rise from the same well. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond,” “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” “Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé,” and “Playing Well With Others: Your Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Negotiating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities” (with Mollena Williams), among his many other titles. Lee has been a passion instigator, academic, adult film performer, world class sexual adventurer, outspoken philosopher, kink/bondage expert, and has been blogging about sex and spirit since 1998. Read more about Lee at PassionandSoul.

Workshops Presented:

Friday Intensive: Kinesthetic Power Exchange: Connection, Body Awareness, and Rope
FTM CBT: Genital Torment for Queer Bodies
Kissing Cousins: Age Based Roleplaying and desires

Liza and Jody

Liza and her slave, Jody, (International Master and slave 2011) have been living in a committed M/s relationship for over a decade. Liza came to power at Woodstock and has been kinky ever since. In 2002, Liza moved to San Francisco and jumped into the leather community with both boots. After leaving the military in 1980, Jody came out as a leatherdyke and slave. Shortly thereafter she founded Leather and Lace, Los Angeles’ first women’s leather club. In 2000, Jody moved to San Francisco and became Liza’s slave two years later. Currently they live in Portland, Oregon where they are members of MAsT: Portland and the Bad Girls.

Liza and her slave teach extensively in the US and also abroad, on a variety of topics related to nurturing and sustaining long-term M/s relationships filled with heat, sex, deep intimacy and fun. Having received numerous awards, the most meaningful to them is having been recognized as Presenters of the Year by MAsT International.

Liza and Jody are the producers of the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest and the Master/slave Retreat. They have both served as representatives to the Bay Area Leather Alliance and on the steering committees or as officers of several organizations: Leather Levi Weekend, Leather Alley at Pride, the Exiles (women’s BDSM group) and the Bears of San Francisco. They are proud members of Mama’s Family.

Workshops Presented:

Transforming Your M/s and D/s Relationships – An Experiential Workshop
Women as Masters and slaves in a Feminist World

Master Bert and slave Nadine

Master Bert Cutler, Ph.D.

Master Bert considers himself an SM lifer, having built his first wooden stocks in 1954 (courtesy of the Cub Scouts) and started exploring out of the SM closet in 1978. Now retired, he professionally has had roles as an electronic engineer, a software designer and entrepreneur, a sexologist and BDSM researcher, a college professor.

Bert has a passion for Master/slave dynamics and the possibility of self-actualization when living an examined M/s life. He is a founder and incorporator of the Arizona Power Exchange [a 501(c)(7) corporation], a founding board member of Butchmann’s, Inc. [a 501(c)(3) corporation], and a board member of CARAS. Bert’s academic publications include: 2003 doctoral dissertation “Partner Selection, Power Dynamics, and Sexual Bargaining in Self-Defined BDSM Couples” and as a member of Northern Illinois University BDSM Research Team, has co-authored in the 2009 Archives of Sexual Behavior “Hormonal Changes and Couple Bonding in Consensual Sadomasochistic Activity.” Holds the titles of Mr. APEX 1991-1992, Southwest Master 2003, and International Master 2003.

slave nadine Cutler

slave nadine met Master Bert at a spiritual-sexuality seminar in 1983, and it’s first Butchmanns Experience in 2002 enriched the full time service to him. slave nadine, now retired, has been an instructor for the Butchmanns Experience, a founder and an incorporator of the APEX Corporation [501(c)(7)]. it holds the titles of Southwest slave 2003 and International slave 2003. slave nadine supports the opportunity for BDSM people to meet in safe space to discover and develop their gifts.

Workshops Presented:

An Alignment of the Will: A Guided Conversation
The History of (Almost) Everything Kinky

Master Bob, slave jan, and slave bunnie

Master Bob Blount, slave jan and slave bunnie call the Portland Oregon home. We began the shift from a floundering, ho-hum “equal partnership” twelve-year marriage to a negotiated power dynamic relationship at the turn of the millennium and slowly over a year and a half’s time found themselves spirit led to living a consensual Master/slave lifestyle. In 2010 slave bunnie joyously joined the family and has truly been a blessing in our lives.

In and out of the leather community Master Bob and slave jan are passionate about helping others to live more joyful and fully authentic lives. Together with his slave bunnie, Master owns and operates an Outdoor Adventure guide service specializing in serving persons with disabilities. As a Life Coach, author and licensed Soul Collage® Facilitator, slave jan helps others to explore and celebrate their own unique paths to self discovery through moderating discussions, participating on panels, presenting workshops, writing and sharing other expressive arts.

While understanding that being out is a luxury not everyone can afford Master Bob feels fortunate to be able to choose this path for himself and his slaves because he feels that living ones truth from a place of integrity and authenticity is the surest path he knows of to creating a fulfilling life. The disapproval and frowns of others and being misunderstood and held at a distance for choosing a life too out of step with the standard choices, pales in the light of living our life honestly and in alignment with our deepest core truths. Creating our bonds from this place of authenticity forges a deeply rewarding and meaningful relationship.

Workshops Presented:

Breaking through the Fear

Master DJ and slave september dragon

Master DJ is a queer identified Transman who had the honor of earning the title of NW Master 2009. He has been in the leather community since 2001, volunteering at any given opportunity, and he was honored to receive the Volunteer of the Year award at the Center for Sex Positive Culture 2003. He has been part of producing multiple kink and leather events, and has held membership and board positions for several leather clubs, to include Seattle Women of Leather, the CSPC and the FSPC. Master DJ has had the pleasure of teaching about M/s and D/s at many different leather conventions and in other venues. Master DJ lives quite happily with his slave september dragon.

Slave september dragon has been proud to be owned and operated by Master DJ since 2005. september dragon is a strong, intelligent, loving, wise woman with a huge slave heart that shines. She has been a leader in many different organizations and has helped organize multiple events and clubs to include CSPC, Seattle Women of Leather, and MaST Seattle. She held the title of Northwest Regional slave 2009. September Dragon is an artist in her daily life, and worships her Owner and Master.
She holds an especially special place in Master DJ’s heart!

Workshops Presented:

The 3 Rs: Rites, Rituals and Routine

Master Malik and slave Cathy

As a student of life, Leather and BDSM, Master Malik is always eager to share his views, thoughts and ideas with any willing people who give him some of their time to listen.

Significant similarities between Leather and Sufism have helped Master Malik to continue his journey on the path of mastery and slavery with his precious slave Cathy.

Slave Cathy is very active in the alternative lifestyle community, having a leadership roles in local leather clubs and organizations. She is member of T.U.L.S.A. (a local Leather club), and MAsT-Tulsa. She is a past member of Rough Riders and TDS. She was privileged to serve as Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2006. She was also Southwest slave 2008. Her passion lies in mentoring and educating the ones who seek the knowledge in alternative lifestyle, especially Master/slave relationship.

Master Malik and slave Cathy are avid practitioner of old fashion SM and strongly believes in a powerful connection between SM and spiritual realm. They strongly believe with passion about "Acceptance", "Tolerance" and "Diversity" of our larger tribe.

Master Malik is proud to serve as Southwest Master 2008. He is member of T.U.L.S.A., founder of MaST-Tulsa. He is also an associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club
They are proud to have the privilege of presenting at several local, regional and national events and gatherings. He is member of T.U.L.S.A., NCSF, MaST-Tulsa. He is also an associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club.

Master Malik and slave Cathy were co founder of Xpressions (a play space in Tulsa, OK), .

Workshops Presented:

Blood Ritual/Cutting
Mummification: A Journey Inward

Master Obsidian and slave namaste

Master Obsidian

Master Obsidian has been involved in the BDSM community for over 3 decades. He’s been a member of groups in Chicago as well as in Texas. He has served in a Leadership capacity in the Field of Diversity for multi million dollar corporations, as well as committees and boards in the LGBTQ and Diverse business arena nation wide. A proud Leatherman and Inspiring Orator - He has presented numerous classes on topics ranging from Fire and Pressure point play to Dominance to Spirituality. He has received accolades and recognition by the community including Receiving His Masters’ cover in 2009, The 2012 Southwest Leather Conference Leatherman’s Heart Award, a Pantheon of Leather Man of the year Nominee, and 2010 Southwest Master as well as 2010 International Master. Most recently He was appointed to the Board of the Woodhull Foundation where He continues to champion the cause of Sexual Freedom.

slave namaste

slave namaste has counseled women and taught about embracing submission for 20 years. She brings this knowledge into her relationship living in submission and surrender to Master Obsidian as well as to counseling and aiding in the development of other submissives, slaves, and surrendered hearts. Her writings on surrender and absolute slavery have been featured on web sites and in books. She is Founder and co-moderator of various lifestyle groups, including one geared specifically for those in TPE relationships. A gifted Coach, Public Speaker and Mentor, she was the 2010 Southwest slave and 2010 International slave as well as the recipient of the 2013 Southwest Leather Conference Leatherwoman’s Heart Award.

Both Master Obsidian and slave namaste consider it a great honor to also have been joint recipients of the 2013 Jack Stice Memorial Community Service Award.

Workshops Presented:

Final Fantasy: The New Frontier
Power Corrupts? An exploration of TPE

Master Skip and slave Rick

Master Skip Chasey

Skip Chasey, a/k/a Master Skip, addressed a crowd of nearly one million people at the Millennium March on Washington, and since then he has given more than a dozen keynote addresses and presented over 250 programs on the spiritual dynamics of BDSM at noteworthy leather events throughout North America. He has been profiled in Nerve.com magazine, Power Exchange magazine, the award-winning documentary film Pup, and Ask the Man Who Owns him, a book on gay male Master/slave relationships that received the National Leather Association’s 2010 non-fiction literary award. Master Skip is a co-founder of People of Leather Among You (a social and educational group for Southern California men and women interested in the integration of spirituality and leather/fetish sexuality), served as a core instructor for the Butchmanns Experience (a periodic weekend retreat offering opportunities for profound personal growth to leathermen and women of all sexual orientations and identities) and for seven years was a co-producer of Southwest Leather Conference (“The Leather Family Gathering of Heart and Spirit”). Honors include the Leadership Award and the Lee Montague Memorial Community Service Award from Avatar Club Los Angeles, the Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Award, both the Master Heart Award and the Master Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award from the Master/slave Conference, and most recently the Leatherman’s Heart Award from SWLC.

In his own words, “Blood may be thicker than water, but leather is thicker than blood.”

slave Rick

slave Rick expanded his practice as a licensed psychotherapist within the BDSM community in 2009 (www.KinkTherapistLosAngeles.com) after retiring from a 30-year career with the Federal government.

Aside from his work as a psychotherapist, slave Rick was a part-time college instructor, a massage therapist and a retired Science of Mind practitioner. During the past decade he has presented programs on the spiritual dynamics of M/s and D/s relationships at dozens of conferences and leather events throughout North America. In 2010 he gave the endnote address at Southwest Leather Conference, and he delivered the keynote address at Leather Reign in 2011. In 2014, he facilitated the breakfast Q & A at the Master/slave Conference.

In 2008 slave Rick was honored to receive both the Southwest Leather Conference “Leatherman’s Heart Award” and the “slave Heart Award” at the Master/slave Conference. More recently, he was proud to participate as one of the subjects of “Ask the Man Who Owns him”, a book on gay male M/s relationships by david stein that received the 2010 Geoff Mains Non-Fiction Literary Award from the National Leather Association. slave Rick is currently documenting his experience as a spiritually grounded leather slave in a memoir that he hopes to have published sometime in 2016.
First and foremost, however, he is by Grace in service to his beloved Master for the past 16+ years.

Workshops Presented:

Boy, Didn’t you hear what I thought I said: The Importance of Functional Communication in D/s Relationships
Cathartic Flogging: Merging the Erotic and the Ecstatic
Finishing Touches: What To Do When Your D/s Relationship Is Not Enough
Submission, Seduction, and Surrender: Spiritual Awakening in M/s Relationships

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