Leather Reign 2015


Arli is a fierce, fat, femme queer leatherdyke with a passion for all things pink and a penchant for sparkle. She has been a happy practitioner of BDSM for over 30 years. She has dedicated much of her time to her home community Vancouver, Canada, where she has been organizing BDSM parties since the 1990s, most recently as a founding member of Canadian Mayhem. The last few years have found her splitting her time between Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and Oakland.

Arli has many facets to her being. A masochist, bottom, submissive, slave, ageplaying sadistic five year old and a mean mean Lady. Arli happily serves her Sir while being served by her sweet boi.

In recent years Arli has returned to her one of her first loves, that of teaching. In the past she has been fortunate to present at Lupercalia, (Edmonton, AB), DESIRE 2010, (Palm Springs, CA), and KinkF est 2011, (Portland, OR), IMsL 25th Anniversary, (San Francisco, CA), DESIRE, 2011 (Palm Spring, CA) Dark Odyssey, Summer Camp 2011, (Maryland), KinkLInks 2013 (Seattle, Wa) and the first WINK 2013 (Seattle, WA), Northern Exposure 2014 (Anchorage, Alaska), Sin in the CIty 2015 (Las Vegas, Nevada), Leather Reign 2016 (Seattle, WA)

Workshops Presented:
Perils of the Pedestal

Race Bannon

Kinky sex has been one of Race Bannon’s passions as a practitioner, organizer, writer, educator, commentator, activist and leader since his first explorations of the leather world starting in 1973. Race’s accomplishments include co-founder of the Kink Aware Professionals referral service; leader of The DSM Project that began to change how psychotherapy professionals view kink; author of Learning The Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun BDSM Lovemaking; founder of Daedalus Publishing Company, the first company dedicated to publishing nonfiction leather/SM/fetish books; prolific writer; former sex advice columnist; former producer and host of the first kink internet talk show Bound To Talk; past Board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities, NLA International and Avatar Club Los Angeles; co-founder of NLA Los Angeles; and member of Chicago Hellfire Club, The 15 Association, and Society of Janus. Race is currently on the Board of the Leather Hall of Fame. Recently Race was inducted into the Society of Janus Hall of Fame. He is featured in the documentaries Vice and Consent, Out of the Darkness: The Reality of S&M and Folsom Forever. Race is also a popular speaker who has delivered the keynote address for a number of events. He has been awarded the 2006 National Leather Association International's Lifetime Achievement Award, 2010 Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Man) Pantheon of Leather Community Service Award, the 2011 Philip M. Turner Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2013 National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Creating Change Leather Leadership Award, and the 2014 San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance Co-Man of the Year (tie). You can read some of Race's writings at www.bannon.com or www.racebannon.com or in the Bay Area Reporter (ebar.com) where he is the leather/kink columnist ally.

Workshops Presented:
The Art of Kink Self-Education

Master D and slave passion

Master D has been in the lifestyle for the past 12 years and is a very active member of the Philadelphia area community. He holds the title of Northeast Master 2012 and along with his slave, is a proud member of Mama's family as Mama's BlackBEAT Duo. Master D is currently on the producing team for The M/s Gathering and Director of MAsT: Wilmington DE. He is co-founder of two groups, BlackBEAT Philly Metro and From The Top, a discussion group for Masters/Dominants/Tops. For the past 7 years he has worked on the staff of a number of events including Philadelphia Leather Pride Night, the LLC - Philadelphia and NDDs Bootcamp. He has presented at MsC, SELF, NWLC, Brimstone, NDD/s Bootcamp and numerous MAsT groups. He has judged Master/slave contests at MsC and NWLC. Master D enjoys sports, a good restaurant, well really just eating, and spending time with family and friends. Master D has several passions in his life, one being his slave passion (aptly named), his obsession with sneakers (bet you can’t guess how many pairs he has) and a love of music (you just may come across his alter ego, DJ Big Pimpin’).

slave passion is owned by and married to Master D. She has thrown herself into serving the community, with the blessing of her Master, since 2002. She holds the title of Northeast slave 2012 and is the other half of Mama's BlackBEAT Duo. She is the Executive Producer of The M/s Gathering, co-founder of BlackBEAT Philly Metro and the Submissive SCENE and is the Director of MAsT: Cherry Hill. She proudly served as one of the producers of the LLC - Philadelphia and is co-owner and a producer of Philadelphia Leather Pride Night, both events winners of a Pantheon of Leather award. slave passion has presented at MsC, SELF, NWLC, Brimstone, NDD/s Bootcamp and numerous MAsT groups. If you have met slave passion, you know she has a deep love for her family, Alabama football - Roll Tide, her wonderful friends and traveling as often as she and her Master are able. She feels that education for the M/s, D/s, Leather and Kink communities is a priority.

Workshops Presented:
The Practical Side of Power Exchange
When BDSM Alone is not Enough

Patrick Mulcahey

Patrick Mulcahey speaks and teaches on leather, SM, and Master/slave topics, and is a columnist for Leatherati and for Growing Pains, the Society of Janus newsletter. He is past program director of the S.F. Leathermen’s Discussion Group, chapter director for MAsT: San Francisco, and has served as a judge for the International Master/slave, International Leather SIR/boy, and International Mr. Leather contests. Patrick was named 2011 Bay Area Leather Alliance Man of the Year and has received the Leatherman's Heart Award, the Robert Davolt “Spirit of Leather" Award, the 2013 Pantheon of Leather Northern California Regional Award, and the 2014 National Leather Association Lifetime Achievement Award. Patrick lives happily in San Francisco with his slave, patrick, in a same-sex, same-name marriage.

Workshops Presented:
Starting from Scratch: Constructing the D/s or M/s Dynamic

Miss Amy Red

Miss Amy Red is, or sometimes identifies as: facilitator, instigator, service-oriented, poly-introverted, submissive, and occasional top. She's passionate about powerful education and empowered relationships. As a professional educator, her development handiwork has helped generate and refine a wide range of workshops with her partners over the last 7 years. Amy's solo teaching passions focus on service, training and power exchange taught largely from a bottom's perspective. She’s also the Maitre’d of Seattle's Libertine Social Club, a high-protocol service event, where she trains and provides guidance for house staff. Recently, you may have seen Miss Amy Red presenting for Portland’s Kinkfest, Seattle's Paradise Unbound, Vancouver's Westcoast Bound, or Dark Odyssey Surrender in San Francisco.

Workshops Presented:
Honored Objects

Richard Sprott

Richard Sprott entered the San Francisco leather scene in 1990, and after a few years joined the Defenders/SF in 1995. That led to involvement in the Leathermen’s Discussion Group, serving on the Board since its inception in 1999 until 2006, and then returning to LDG in 2011 to help start up the LDG Mentoring Program. Richard was chosen as SF Leather Daddy XXIII in 2005. In 2009, he was chosen as Mr. Alameda County Leather 2009, a title produced by the Alameda County Leather Corps. He is also serving currently as the Executive Director of CARAS (the Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities). Richard also is one of the founders and serves as a director of TASHRA (The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance). Richard has a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from UC Berkeley. He is co-author with sex therapist David Ortmann of the book "Sexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities". He has a wonderful leather family supporting him: his husband Dave, his pup Spunky, his dog Chomper, his boy Mike, his slave eric and his slave lyle.

Workshops Presented:
Scat Play: An extreme edge scene
Psychobiology of SM - mind-body connections in SM activities

Mistress Suzan and slave ziggy

Mistress Suzan hails from the Western NY/Rochester area. She found her way to Leather in the early '80s, in the bars of NY. Since then she has taken an active role in the Master/slave community and believes in being a positive resource.

In 2005, Mistress Suzan was honored with the Southeast Master title. She then earned the title of International Master 2006. Over the years, Mistress Suzan has traveled throughout the US and Canada, presenting on a wide variety of topics concerning M/s.

Currently, she is the Co-Director of MAsT Rochester producer/owner of Upstate ABR Events and is is a member of the MTTA board of directors. She and her slave continue to travel and present their unique perspectives on the M/s dynamic.

Her passions include creating a safe and supportive community, upholding Leather traditions, education, and the practice of ethical Mastery."

Born in California raised in Arizona, slave ziggy found the wonderful world of SM through the fetish clubs in Japan in the early 80’s. Later, he became active in the leather community in the southeast and was honored with the title of Southeast slave and later International slave in 2006. Founder and producer of Submissive’s Journey Weekend and is currently Co Director of MAsT Rochester NY, and an instructor with the M/s Development center. He and Mistress Susan travel throughout the US at various regional and national events, sharing their perspectives on the master slave dynamic. He believes that a strong community is the key to a healthy Master slave relationship.

Slave ziggy has a lifelong passion for assisting others in the discovery and actualization of one’s Master and slave heart. His other passions include Leather history, traditions, the art of formal service, protocols and rituals and the practice of ethical slavery.

He believes: “If you can dream it believe it, it can be done, so begin it now”

Workshops Presented:
Master/slave Relationships; A Journey of the Spirit
Problem Solving and Decision Making for Masters - Mistress Susan
Slave Quarters - slave ziggy

Ms Rhonda and tomo

Ms Rhonda is a Femme Master who has been active in the Northern California leather community for many years. She is honored to be the Northwest Master 2015. She is the current Northwest Regional Representative for MAsT International, Co-Director of MAsT: Sacramento, and is a member of MAsT: Greater San Francisco Bay Area, MAsT: San Francisco, and The Exiles. Ms Rhonda has served as both a presenter and judge at local and national events in the M/s and BDSM communities.

After three years as Marketing Director and four years as a Producer of International Ms Leather/International Ms Bootblack Weekend, she is now focused on creating educational events for the Northern California leather community through her company, KinkED Productions. Ms Rhonda values impeccable manners, courtesy, and obedience and is the proud Owner and Master of tomo.

tomo is a slave honored to be owned by her Master, Ms Rhonda. She identifies as a butch leatherdyke and has been a part of the leather community for two decades. She is honored to be the Northwest slave 2015. tomo is a founding member of the Dyke Uniform Corps, was a Producer of International Ms Leather Weekend, and is a member of MAsT: Sacramento, MAsT: San Francisco, and The Exiles. She currently focuses her skills working on KinkED, which produces M/s and Leather events in the Sacramento area.

A martial arts instructor of 30 years, tomo has been greatly affected not only by her extensive physical training but also by the deep D/s roots of her Japanese martial art. As a professional educator, she has presented at numerous national events and local groups on both M/s topics and physical BDSM technique. tomo was awarded the 2013 Pantheon of Leather President's Award.

Workshops Presented:
Garmin© vs. TomTom© (Obedience vs Alignment)
Healthy Surrender
Pain and Connection Using Pressure Points - tomo


International Community Bootblack 2012 Ruin began her leather journey while vending at International Mr. Leather 2004. Only 8-months-old in kink, not knowing a gag from an ass plug and surrounded by leathermen, she knew she had stumbled upon something significant, something she wanted more of.

After moving to Seattle, Ruin joined the Center for Sex Positive Culture, which she credits with her development into the wicked, sadomadochistic leathergirl she is today. The CSPC led her to Seattle’s long-standing leather bar, The Cuff, where she met her bootblacking teacher, Diamond Jack. It was through bootblacking that Ruin deeply connected with her local leather community. She's never looked back.

A seasoned performer and educator, Ruin's interests are as varied as her panties, but her first loves remain bondage, blood, beatings, burlesque, and of course, boots. Lee Harrington and Master Skip Chasey are her biggest inspirations in kink education. Ruin strives to present relevant and provocative classes, while being real and approachable as a teacher.

Workshops Presented:
Collared and Poly

Sir Doug

Sir Doug has had an interest in leather since the first time he walked down Polk Street in San Francisco in 1980 and saw his first Leathermen. He entered the U.S. Army in 1981 and has served as both enlisted and an officer. His time in the military has had a deep influence on his approach to leather and this, combined with his background as a college instructor in history, has lead to an appreciation for traditions, rituals, and protocols and how they influence culture. He does not believe these elements in leather should be seen or used in a way that is limiting, forces conformity, or stifles creativity but as a means to add a depth and richness to any Master and slave dynamic. In 2008, he served as Southwest Leather Sir. He is also one of the founders of the South Sound Leather Alliance, and a contributing writer for the leather blog, The Sacred Dance. Sir Doug has presented numerous classes and worships on a wide variety of topics involving the Leather and Kink lifestyles. His leather family is currently made up of his husband (Sir Will), his boy Paul and his slave Robert.

Workshops Presented:
Religious Taboo Play

slave kirk

slave kirk came to Butchmanns in 1999 and stayed. he was Master Steve Sampson’s primary slave for seven years. In that time they won the International Master/slave title in 2000. kirk was a Butchmanns Academy (and later Butchmanns Experience) instructor for many years, and has recently become a lead instructor for the all-male Butchmans Experience weekend held once per year. he helped in the formation of the Southwest Leather Conference and has sat on the Board of Directors of Butchmanns, LLC since its inception. He has also judged many Master/slave contests, and was the Chief Judge at the 25th Anniversary International Master/slave contest held at South Plains Leatherfest in 2014.

Workshops Presented:
Body Stress Ectastic Practices
In, Out and Back Again: A slave's journey

slave September Dragon

slave September Dragon has been proud to be owned and operated by Master DJ since 2005. She was in consideration of his collar in 2004 upon getting to know one another and realizing the true nature of their relationship. September Dragon is a strong, intelligent, loving, wise woman with a huge slave heart that shines through her often. She has been a leader in many different organizations and has helped organize multiple events and clubs to include CSPC, Seattle Women of Leather (1st gen), Mast Seattle, Owner slave group, SBS retreat and group, Co-directed Paradise for 3 years, assisted Kink Links and Imsl, and of course, Northwest Celebration. She held the title of Northwest Regional slave 2009. SeptemberDragon is an artist in her daily life and you can see some of her art in the vending space at the Dragonian Dreams table. She holds an especially special place in Master DJ’s heart!

Workshops Presented:

The 3 Rs: Rites, Rituals and Routine

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