Leather Reign 2012

Master Konraad and slave Jazz

Master Konraad has judged and presented at a multitude of kink events throughout the United States (and Canada). He is a Board member for ILSb and ICBB, the founder of The Shack, Southern Nevada’s first community playspace, the Executive Producer for Sin in the City, a new leather event in the Southwest United States, former Executive Director of MAsT International, a member of several local leather, lifestyle and kink related organizations and has been actively involved in media contact (including numerous appearances on local and national broadcast and print news) and other “real world” sexual freedom and sex industry issues. He also teaches martial arts and law-related classes to community and law enforcement organizations, produces and competes in martial arts contests and seminars, and is involved in medieval recreation.

slave Jazz, with former lives in the theatre world, the tech industry and as a massage therapist—now lives with her Master and works as a paralegal in a law office, specializing in cases involving the adult industry and sexual freedom. Her scene-related writing has been published in Power Exchange Magazine and Kink-e-Zine, as well as on several websites. Jazz is the current producer of the Southwest Olympus Leather Contest, the general producer of Sin in the City, the founder of Las Vegas Leather Women (LVLW), the Education Coordinator for The Shack, Southern Nevada’s first community playspace, and a member of many lifestyle related organizations in Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past 13 years, Jazz has served on the production staff of several large kink events throughout the United States and has taught both privately and publicly (at national leather events) on subjects including relationship dynamics, humiliation play, household organization for slaves, entertaining, massage for kinksters, and maintaining headspace as well as a host of skills and techniques. She maintains a blog at: http://jazzpup.wordpress.com.

Workshops Presented:
How to punish your Master
The Journey to Nothing: Using Humiliation, Degradation and Objectification to Strengthen your M/s Relationship
Transformative Terror and Sacrificial Suffering

Robert (Bob) Rubel

Robert Rubel (Dr. Bob), author, educator and photographer is an educational sociologist and researcher by training. He currently has ten books in print and two DVDs (Books: four on Master/slave topics, two on advanced sex techniques, one on fire play, and three erotic art photo books. DVDs: fire play and beginning impact play).

Recipient of the 2008 Pantheon of Leather's Community Choice Award (man), Bob has been involved in the BDSM and Total Power Exchange (TPE) scene since the summer of 2001, throwing himself into the literature of the field as though it were an academic study. He presents, judges, and sells his books at weekend kink conferences throughout the year.

Workshops Presented:
Grappling with Some Hidden Elements of a Power Exchange Relationship
Leather vs BDSM in Master/slave Structures – Important Differences

Master Z

Master Z of Texas is a well-known Dominant, Presenter and Leader in the Leather and BDSm scene. He is the International Master 2004 and travels all over the United States and Canada making presentations on the Master/slave-Leather lifestyle and BDSm technique. He also serves as a popular Keynote Speaker and Emcee for a number of events. He is the Owner of slave bill and slave kiki with slave mark, slave tina and slave trudy currently in service collars.

Master Z is Chairman and President of the Board of Directors for Butchmanns, Inc. and currently is an Instructor for the Butchmanns Weekend Experience. He is the Producer and HeadMaster for boys Training Camps and Co-Producer of Masters Retreat.

In 2010, Master Z was the recipient of the Leather SINS, Inc., President’s Award. He was the recipient of the “Masters Heart Award” in 2006 and the “Leatherman’s Heart Award” in 2004. He is one of the Head of Household for the Texas Leather Tribe; a Leather family he shares responsibility for with his wonderful Leather Brothers, Master Roy and Master Glen.

Master Z is eternally grateful to his mentors, the late Master Dean Walradt and the late boy Patrick Chees, who taught him much of the Leather protocols and rituals that he cherishes today. Master Z is certain that his Leather Journey and BDSm experiences are directly related to his Spiritual Path.

Workshops Presented:
The Magic of a Ball Dance
What's Love Got To Do With It

Patrick Mulcahey and patrick ("little p")

Patrick Mulcahey has presented on M/s, leather and SM topics for the Northwest Leather Celebration, Behind Closed Doors in Tucson, Leather Traditions in San Francisco, South Plains Leatherfest and the Master/slave Conference, among others. He has served as a judge for the International Master/slave and International Leather SIR/boy contests. In 2012 he has received the Robert Davolt “Spirit of Leather Award” and was named "Man of the Year" by the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance. He currently serves as program director of the S.F. Leathermen's Discussion Group.

His slave, patrick ("little p"), past Membership Director of MAsT International, is a frequent co-presenter with his Master and has presented on his own at the Southwest Leather Conference, where he also served as judge for the Southwest Master/slave Contest.

Patrick and patrick live together in San Francisco and are proud members of the 15 Association and the Society of Janus.

Workshops Presented:
Leather: Who needs it?
Loneliness in the Master/slave Dynamic

Master Bert Cutler, Ph.D. and slave nadine

Master Bert considers himself an SM lifer, having built his first wooden stocks in 1954 (courtesy of the Cub Scouts) and started exploring out of the SM closet in 1978. Professionally he has roles as an electronic engineer, a software designer and entrepreneur, a motion picture editor, a sexologist, a researcher in the BDSM community, and a college professor.

Bert has a passion for Master/slave relationships and community. He is a founder of the Arizona Power Exchange in 1988. He is a board member of Butchmann’s, Inc., the Butchmanns Board liaison to MAsT International, and a member of the Executive Committee for the Butchmann’s Experience weekends. Bert holds the titles of Mr. APEX 1991-1992, Southwest Master 2003, and International Master 2003. Bert’s academic publications include: 2003 doctoral dissertation “Partner Selection, Power Dynamics, and Sexual Bargaining in Self-Defined BDSM Couples” and 2009 Archives of Sexual Behavior “Hormonal Changes and Couple Bonding in Consensual Sadomasochistic Activity.”

slave nadine is an instructor at Butchmann’s and APEX Academy and was part of creating the first all-women’s Butchmanns. she is a founder of the Arizona Power Exchange in 1988 and an incorporator of the Arizona Power Exchange Corporation [a 501(c)(7) corporation] in 2001. slave nadine holds the titles of Southwest slave 2003 and International slave 2003. she met Master Bert at a spiritual-sexuality seminar in 1983, and has been growing into full time service to him since 1984.

Workshops Presented:
Ask The Elders - Attendee’s choice of topics with an elder (or at least older) M/s Couple
Training the Slave (& Educating the Master) - Intentionally Shaping the M/s Dynamic


Sea has attended events across BDSM, Leather, and Fetish communities for 14 years. He presents at BDSM events nationally with an emphasis on communication and psychology, especially submissives' psychology.

He serves on Advisory Board for weekend conventions DomCon Los Angeles and DomCon Atlanta. His current projects include speaking at college human sexuality class, visiting vanilla forums to take a tactful stand for BDSM, and providing information to those seeking out BDSM. His past contributions include chairing the Austin chapter of The Next Generation BDSM group for four years.

He is a proud Austinite who has helped keep Austin weird by hosting and promoting a fetish night for three years, during which time he wrote and directed, performed in, and arranged music for multiple fetish shows. BDSM influences his artistic expression, which has occurred in the form of fetish photography, DJing music for scene events, dance, writings, and kinky stand-up comedy.

Workshops Presented:
Demystifying Psychology of Humiliation
Humiliation: Now It's Time to Play

Liza and her slave Jody

Liza and her slave, Jody, (International Master and slave 2011) have been living together in San Francisco (under the same roof) in a committed M/s relationship for close to ten years. They have a passion for each other, their two adult children, their Labradors, their horses, leather, teaching, mentoring, and having fun.

Liza came to power at Woodstock and has been kinky ever since. She grew up in a household with servants and weekly formal dinners and credits her mastery to lessons learned at the knee of her Grandmother, a model of Matriarchy. In 2002, Liza moved to San Francisco and jumped into the leather community with both boots.

After leaving the military in 1980, Jody came out as a leatherdyke and slave. Shortly thereafter she founded Leather and Lace, Los Angeles’ first women’s leather club. In 2000, Jody moved to San Francisco and met Liza two years later. She credits her “slave-bearing”, such as it is, to her time in the military.

Liza and Jody teach extensively — most recently at IML, IMsL, Northwest Leather, Beyond Leather, ILSb, Int’l Olympus Leather, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, the Master/slave Conference, Folsom Fringe and Leather Reign. They bring to their teaching their years of real world experience in living M/s 24/7 under the same roof, allowing them to share insights into the reality of sustaining long-term M/s relationships filled with heat, sex, deep intimacy and fun.

When not teaching, Liza and her slave are fully immersed in the San Francisco leather community. You might find them at one of three chapters of Master and slaves Together in the San Francisco area or probably organizing one event or another. Beyond being producers of the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest and the Master/slave Retreat, they are on the steering committee of Leather Levi Weekend and the organizing committee for Leather Alley at Pride (Jody is the Chair). Liza is a past Co-Chair of the Exiles (women’s BDSM group) and served as the treasurer for the Bears of San Francisco from 2009 until very recently. They also both serve as representatives to the Bay Area Leather Alliance. Basically, if it happens in San Francisco and it’s leather, they are probably involved.

Liza and Jody are honored to have each been named the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance’s Woman of the Year (Liza in 2009 and Jody in 2010). Liza is humbled to have received the Spirit of the Bear Award from her Bear brothers at International Bear Rendezvous 2011. They are proud to be members of Mama’s Family.

Workshops Presented:
Achieving the Holy Grail of Anticipatory Service
Leather Traditions, Military Protocol and Victorian Sensibilities

Daddy Spencer Bergstedt

Spencer Bergstedt has been active in the leather and LGBT communities for over 20 years. He is a lawyer, activist, educator, author, Leatherman, Trans Man, and general rabble rouser. He is an acclaimed speaker and educator on a variety of kink and legal issues. Spencer has served as a board member of countless organizations within the LGBT and Leather communities including serving as President of NLA:International. He is the recipient of the NLA:International Man of the Year Award 2000, the Pantheon of Leather Northwest Regional Award in 1998, and the 2009 Trinity Award from IFGE. Professionally he is an attorney in private practice, an adjunct professor, author, and public speaker.

Spencer Bergstedt teaches on a variety of topics including the Law and SM, Transgender issues, Impact Play, Starting A Leather Club, Practical SM Contracting, and more at events and for groups all over the world.

Workshops Presented:
The Gender Spectrum
Trans Embodiments

Master Morris and slave jonathan - Northwest Master/slave 2012

Master Morris has been active in the Bay Area leather scene for fifteen years. At play parties and in his home dungeon he regularly tops men. He has given workshop/demos for Northwest Leather Conference, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Leather Alley, smOdyssey, Society of Janus, Alameda Leather Core, Leather/Levi Weekend, Leatherman’s Discussion Group and the Ring, which he co-chairs. Among the leather clubs Master Morris enjoys are: Windy City Bondage Club, Delta International and the 15 Association. For forty years Dr. Morris Taylor was a Professor of Music, a classical pianist and musicologist. Now he is a watercolor artist with over 15 one person shows to his credit. His works can be seen at: www.morristaylor.net and morristaylor.net/adult. Master Morris lives in the Castro district in San Francisco with his 24/7 slave jonathan. He also has an external slave larry as part of his M/s Family.

slave jonathan is a Design Manager for Google. He also has many years experience as political activist, working for such groups as ACT-UP, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, and GroenLinks a political party in the Netherlands. slave jonathan is a lifelong learner. He is preparing to be a therapist. He completed the SFSI sex education training and is working on a new web site dedicated to M/s and kink sex education that is non-judgmental and informational:www.kinksex-ed.org. He has a strong drive to give back to the M/s community from which he so richly benefits. He has taken part in many bdsm groups and organizations. He is a member of The 15, SFDsDG and the Ring. slave jonathan most recently organized a discussion group covering Guy Baldwin’s SlaveCraft. slave jonathan resides in Master Morris’s household as His 24/7 slave.

Workshops Presented:
Passion in the M/s Dynamic
The Three Faces of Consent

Master John and slave ann

Master John was first introduced to the Leather lifestyle back in the mid-90’s with the phrase “want to try something a little different?” Since that time he has been on this journey down this “road less traveled by.” He has held leadership positions in several BDSM organizations in the past and currently serves on the Board of Evergreen Leather Events, the producer of Leather Reign. He serves as Treasurer for the Seattle chapter of MAsT. He is also on the Local Organizing Committee for the KINK-LINCS Leadership Symposium to be held in Seattle in 2013.

Master John and slave ann have been in a Master/slave relationship since 2000. In 2007 they found their “unicorn” and kim joined them to create their triad family. All three are active members of the Seattle Leather community and have strived to continue to grow, and to give back to the community.

slave ann is a bisexual slave to Master John, and wife to her love. she has been married to her beloved Master since 2000 and together they married the love of their lives, kim, in 2010.

slave ann found the vocabulary to describe her naturally submissive nature online in the early 90’s. she tried swinging with her former husband and one of the partners introduced her to real life D/s, the joy of pain, and that women are sexy. she decided to relocate to the Pacific Northwest from Wyoming so she could fully explore her sexuality. ann is active in the community by being in service to the board of Evergreen Leather Events which produces Leather Reign and is on the local organizing committee of the KINK-LINCS Leadership Symposium to be held in Seattle in 2013.

Workshops Presented:
Leadership: Be the change you want to see

Allena Gabosch

Allena Gabosch, Executive Director of the Center For Sex Positive Culture (formerly known as The Wet Spot ) has been active in the sex positive movement practically from its beginning; producing educational and social events for the sex-positive community since 1990.

She is a frequent speaker on many sex-positive subjects at colleges and conferences around the US and Canada, with an emphasis on BDSM and Polyamory. She is the Producer of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival (www.seattleerotic.org) She is a past board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. In her less than mundane non-kinky life she is active in Landmark Education, loves good food, walking around Seattle and is working on several books. She is a former commissioner with the Seattle Commission for Sexual Minorities. She is a kinky bisexual, polyamorous switch and considers herself extremely blessed as she has a rich and full poly life, with many amazing and loving people in her "polycule"

Workshops Presented:
A New Sexual Renaissance: Creating Sex Positive Culture and bringing sex back into the BDSM Picture

Tim Pursell

Tim served as Northwest slave 2008 and International slave 2009 with his former owner, Daddy Ken Thomas. Tim holds a PhD in history and taught at the university level before moving to San Francisco. In 2007 he sold himself and all his possessions to Daddy Ken and moved to San Francisco. Although they ended their M/s relationship in 2011, they continued to serve the community as teachers, mentors and role models until Daddy Ken’s death in April, 2012. Now steering a solo course through life, Tim remains involved in the leather and M/s communities. Identifying as versatile, Tim acquired two boys of his own for a time and is currently considering taking on a newbie for slave training. As a slave he was strong-willed. He is a power bottom. As a daddy he is a care-giver, and as a sadist – you really should negotiate carefully.

Workshops Presented:
Between the Lines: Identifying as Switch or Versatile in a Binary World
Should the Collar Come Off: Successfully Ending an M/s Relationship


Ruin has been kinky for as long as she remembers. Her exploration of BDSM began in Los Angeles, but it wasn't until she moved to Seattle, joined the Center for Sex Positive Culture, & discovered the Leather community that she blossomed into the wicked sadomasochist she is today. Her interests are as varied as her panties, but her "first loves" remain bondage, blood, beatings and, of course, boots. Ruin pursued the art of bootblacking out of a desire to care for her Sir's boots. It remains a cornerstone in their relationship, as well as a connection point to her community.

Besides being a proud kinkster, Ruin is also a passionate educator. From a successful career in mainstream communities, she now brings her love of teaching to the kink community, offering a wide variety of classes from leathercare and D/s, to yoga and striptease, and more. Ruin is an active member of the CSPC, a Full Member of Seattle girls of Leather, Northwest Community Bootblack 2012, and International Community Bootblack 2012.

Workshops Presented:
More Than a Shoe Shine: Dynamics & Energies in Bootblacking & Leathercare


Stormmy is a Native American Indian of the Tulalip Tribe and deeply devoted to his slaves, Miranda and Nichole. He takes his role as Master seriously and has spent countless hours educating himself on maintaining successful relationships within the community. It is this commitment and strength of character that has made him one of the most well-respected members of the CSPC, where he has been a member since 2006. Stormmy and his family are the directors of Paradise Unbound, the CSPC’s summer campout held August 7th-12th in Redmond, WA.

Stormmy is extremely proficient in many play implements including, but not limited to, flogging, whipping, and caning and fire play. He prides himself on not only being very knowledgeable in the use of such implements but also in knowing what he has yet to learn. He has a vast amount of experience teaching others what he knows. He is an amazing instructor asking only that his students demonstrate a commitment to learning equal to his commitment to teaching.

Although he is passionate about the lifestyle and living it with integrity and purpose, he also finds time to be a mentor and friend to many. His unmatched skills are often on display at many parties at the CSPC.
When he is not participating in the lifestyle, Stormmy is equally passionate about studying the wisdom passed down through generations within his Native American tribe. He leads a sweat lodge every week which, along with his family, impart balance and harmony to his life.

Stormmy leads a full life and his knowledge and wisdom has made him one of the most popular workshop instructors within our community. However, he makes it a priority to meet new people, answer questions, and help guide those who have just started on their path to fulfillment. He looks forward to meeting you in a workshop or through casual correspondence on Fetlife where he can be found as “Renegade”.

Workshops Presented:
"People of Color" in the lifestyle

Kristen Knapick

I am a licensed psychotherapist, serving clients in Seattle, Washington. I have private practice hours in an easy-to-find office at the base of Queen Anne. My “specialty” is working with what I like to call “sex and gender outlaws.” This is my way of affectionately describing those of us who live on the fringes of gender and sexuality, in whatever ways we might do so. This includes (but is not limited to) those who identify as queer, kinky, poly/non-monogamous/swingers, sex workers and those who use their services, and gender variant.

I am ready and eager to work with my clients on the issues they present, whether they are directly related to sex and/or gender or not. My training has prepared me for an array of issues, from “mainstream” to “alternative,” and my greatest interest is in working with you to free yourself to be all you are and can be.

Workshops Presented:
Free to Be: you AND me – reThinking Communication

Jonn Ireland

Jonn Ireland (www.sensualwhipping.com) has been involved in the BDSM Community for many years and a Whip, Spanking and Meditation Instructor for several years. Personal erotic connection through Impact play is his specialty, and to help others learn his techniques, he has been giving personal instruction and conducting Whip and Spanking Workshops in both Canada the USA and Costa Rica for about ten years.

Although his main focus is teaching people to master Whip handling, sharing the seduction of touching the skin of a bare bottom and potentially bringing them to climax through spanking techniques, has inspired his Spanking Workshop.

The particular power exchange, control and precision required to use a Whip lured him into exploring in depth, the unique techniques of how to use a Whip in BDSM Scenes. Jonn discovered that with a good Whip, proper instruction and regular practice, most people are able to use a Whip in a Scene in a very short time. To develop a wide range of techniques and sharp accuracy however, requires more practice and personal instruction.

Workshops Presented:
Tantric Erotic Spanking

Sir Hugh Russell

First and foremost, Sir Hugh is the proud head of a Leather Family. He is Sir to two collared boys and MASTER to property, his wolf. Recently he has had the honor of serving as Northwest LeatherSIR 2009 after which he won the International LeatherSIR 2010 title. Over the decades he has performed at numerous Leather contests and events, sharing his talent as a professional dancer and performer.

Sir Hugh puts a strong emphasis on education and has raised funds for the Tony Deblase Scholarship administrated by the northwest's Pride Foundation. This scholarship benefits students studying sexuality. Sir Hugh has conducted workshops and demonstrations in Leather play and traditions throughout the United States, always emphasizing the importance the Sir/boy paradigm in Gay Leather.

Fluent in Italian, Sir Hugh studied the centuries-old art of Leather masking while living in Italy. He enjoys incorporating this tradition into his Leather play. He also has a penchant for single tails, impact play, and he harbors a serious boot fetish. Sir Hugh is a member of Seattle Men in Leather, BLUF, and the Leather Archives and Museum.

Workshops Presented:
Advanced Bootplay: Make Your Marks Heavy and Black

Brett Houghton

Brett Houghton has been queer for as long as he's been aware of himself. He's been active in LGBT politics for years. A community organizer his primary work has been focused on racial, economic and social justice. For fun he likes to watch people suffer.

Workshops Presented:
Queers: What are they good for?

Mistress Susan and slave Ziggy

Mistress Susan returned to her hometown in Western NY, after 30 years away. She spent time in the Caribbean and on the road, before making her way to the NC Mountains. This is where she found her slave ziggy. Mistress Susan believes in being a realistic and positive resource for those interested in Leather and in the Master/slave dynamic. Over the years, Mistress Susan has served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations, co-founded "MDG" and a Leather women’s group in Asheville, NC., as well as others. She has taught and presented on all facets of the Master/slave dynamic throughout the US to countless groups, and at numerous events.

Mistress Susan was honored with the title of Southeast Master and then International Master 2006. Her focus is on providing support and education within the Master/slave community and the practice of ethical mastery, while honoring, respecting, and preserving our Leather traditions. She holds true to the ideals of trust, honor, respect, loyalty and duty.

Born in California raised in Arizona, slave ziggy found the wonderful world of SM through the fetish clubs in Japan. He became active in the leather community in the southeast and was honored with the title of Southeast slave and later International slave in 2006. He has co-founded a MDG Asheville and AWOL and Submissive’s Journey Weekend. Slave ziggy is also the recipient of the slave heart award. Slave ziggy enjoys contributing to various groups and events through presenting, judging, emceeing and volunteering his time.

He and Mistress Susan have traveled throughout the US sharing their perspectives on the master slave dynamic. He believes that a strong community is the key to a healthy Master slave. Slave ziggy has a lifelong passion for assisting others in the discovery and actualization of one’s slave heart. His other passions include Leather history, traditions, the art of formal service, and the practice of ethical slavery.

Workshops Presented:
Serving for Service’s Sake; Serving Without Sex? Who knew?
Where Do I Fit In? Breaking Stereotypes and Being Okay.
Women, Power, and Mastery

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