Leather Reign 2011

Master Skip Chasey

Skip Chasey, a/k/a Master Skip, heads a family of spiritually grounded leatherfolk in the City of Angels, where he is a practicing spiritual director and certified Grief Recovery ™ counselor and also earns a living as a missionary among the savages of Hollywood. As an out and proud leatherman, Master Skip addressed a crowd of nearly one million people at the Millennium March on Washington, and since then he has given ten keynote addresses and presented over 200 programs on the spiritual dynamics of SM and D/s relationships at noteworthy leather events throughout the US and Canada.

From 2001-2007 Master Skip was a core instructor for the Butchmanns Experience, a periodic weekend retreat that offers opportunities for profound personal growth to leathermen and women of all sexual orientations and identities. He is a co-founder of People of Leather Among You (“PLAY”), a social and educational group for Southern California men and women interested in the integration of spirituality and leather/fetish sexuality, and for six years he was a co-producer of Southwest Leather Conference, “The Leather Family Gathering of Heart and Spirit.” Master Skip presently serves on the Theologies Team for Metropolitan Community Churches and on the board of directors for Butchmanns, Inc., a non-profit educational organization dedicated to self-actualization through the mindful use of physical practices and the conscious exchange of personal power for spiritual awareness.

Master Skip and his pup Tim are the subjects of the award-winning documentary film “Pup” and have been profiled in “Nerve.com” magazine and “Power Exchange” magazine; he and his slave Rick are two of the subjects of “Ask the Man Who Owns him”, a book about gay male Master/slave relationships that received the NLA’s 2010 non-fiction literary award. He is a past recipient of the Lee Montague Memorial Award for Outstanding Community Service from Avatar Club Los Angeles, was named “Best Trainer” at the 2002 International Puppy Contest, received the 2005 Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Award and was honored with the Master Heart Award at the 2008 Master/slave Conference.

In his own words, “Blood may be thicker than water, but leather is thicker than blood.”

Workshops Presented:
Priest in Black Leather
The Servant Master

slave Rick

slave Rick recently retired from a 30-year career with the Federal government and expanded his practice as a licensed psychotherapist within the BDSM community (www.KinkTherapistLosAngeles.com). In addition to assisting his clients in achieving more satisfying lives, he seeks to raise consciousness within the therapeutic community by depathologizing BDSM in order that “vanilla” psychotherapists might more effectively work with their own kinky clients.

Aside from his work as a psychotherapist, slave Rick is a part-time college instructor, a massage therapist and a retired Science of Mind practitioner. he has presented programs on the spiritual dynamics of M/s and D/s relationships at dozens of conferences and leather events throughout North America and delivered the endnote address at the 2010 Southwest Leather Conference.

In 2008 slave Rick was honored to receive both the SWLC “Leatherman’s Heart Award” and the “slave Heart Award” from the Master/slave Conference. More recently, he was proud to participate as one of the subjects of “Ask the Man Who Owns him”, a book on gay male M/s relationships written by david stein that received the 2010 Geoff Mains Non-Fiction Literary Award from the National Leather Association.

First and foremost, however, he is by grace in service to his beloved Master.

Workshops Presented:
Saturday Dinner Keynote - Stop Ask, Listen: Awakening to the Spiritual Gifts in our D/s Relationships
Shadow Tango

slave Alia

slave Alia, known also by her adopted spiritual name of Alia Al’Barakah, brings the unique magic, mysticism and erotic culture of the Middle East to her BDSM lifestyle.

slave Alia actively promotes self-awareness and spiritual development within the leather community, volunteering her time and her organizational and management skills at venues and special events where SM, spirituality and D/s relationships are the focus. During the past decade a major part of this passion was directed toward executing the vision of Master Steve Sampson by helping to create the Southwest Leather Conference and serving as its Executive Director and one of its producers from 2003 through 2010. she has also served as the Outreach Chair for Arizona Power Exchange, as the Co-Chair of Leather Leadership Conference IX (2005), as a faculty member for the APEX Academy/Butchmanns Experience and has offered educational presentations, judged and emceed title contests and given keynote addresses at numerous community events throughout the country.

As a practicing Shi’ite and “closet” Sufi Muslim, slave Alia is an emerging activist within the Muslim community, where she champions religious tolerance and education, the modernization of Islam and the rights of Muslim women. she presently resides in Los Angeles, California and has been in service to Master Skip Chasey since November of 2003 as part of her ongoing spiritual and slave development.

slave Alia is currently on a six-month sabbatical to focus her energies on the healing and integration of her own body, mind and spirit and is very much looking forward to sharing this experience with the attendees of Leather Reign in November!

Workshops Presented:
Finding the divine at the end of a whip
Standing in the midst of madness

Master Malik and slave Cathy

As a student of life, Leather and BDSM, Master Malik is always eager to share his views, thoughts and ideas with any willing people who give him some of their time to listen.

Significant similarities between Leather and Sufism have helped Master Malik to continue his journey on the path of mastery and slavery with his precious slave Cathy. Master Malik is an avid practitioner of old fashion SM and strongly believes in a powerful connection between SM and spiritual realm. He also believe with passion about "Acceptance", "Tolerance" and "Diversity" of our larger tribe.

Master Malik is proud to serve as Southwest Master 2008. He is proud to have the privilege of presenting at several local, regional and national events and gatherings. He is member of T.U.L.S.A., NCSF, MaST-Tulsa. He is also an associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club.

Currently he is also serving on Programming Committee of Leather Leadership Conference 2012. Also, he is a member current NCSF Board.

Master Malik is co owners of Great Plains Olympus Leather Contest, Xpressions (a dungeon in Tulsa, OK), and Alternative Lifestyle Food Pantry whose moto is "To Take Care of Our Own. Master Malik is also co producer of ALSPEC in Chicago, IL.

Workshops Presented:
Hidden Prejudices against Extreme SM Scenes
Living Your Leather

Liza and slave Jody

Liza and her slave, Jody, (International Master and slave 2011) have been living together in San Francisco in a committed M/s relationship for nine years. They have a passion for each other, their two adult children, their Labradors, their horses, leather, teaching, mentoring, and having fun.

Liza came to power at Woodstock and has been kinky ever since. She grew up in a household with servants and weekly formal dinners and credits her mastery to lessons learned at the knee of her Grandmother. In 2002, Liza moved to San Francisco and jumped into the leather community with both boots.

After leaving the military in 1980, Jody came out as a leatherdyke and slave. Shortly thereafter she founded Leather and Lace, Los Angeles’ first women’s leather club. In 2000, Jody moved to San Francisco and met Liza two years later. She has judged IMsL (1990) and local leather contests, and was an early member of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition. She credits her “slave-bearing”, such as it is, to her time in the military.

Liza and her slave are in three chapters of Master and slaves Together and are fully immersed in the San Francisco leather community. If it happens in San Francisco and it’s leather, they are probably involved. Beyond being producers of the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest and the Master/slave Retreat, they are on the executive committee of Leather Levi Weekend and the organizing committee for Leather Alley at Pride (Jody is the Chair). In addition, Liza was the Chair of the Leather Alliance Awards Dinner and Jody served as the Stage Manager for the Mr. San Francisco Leather contest and the Leather Alliance Dinner. Liza is a past Co-Chair of the Exiles (women’s BDSM group) and served as the treasurer for the Bears of San Francisco from 2009 until very recently.

The pair teaches extensively — most recently at IML, IMsL, Northwest Leather, Beyond Leather, and Leather Quest.

Liza was honored as the SF Leather Alliance’s Woman of the Year for 2009 and Jody as the Woman of the Year for 2010. They are proud to be members of Mama’s Family.

Recent presentation history
Liza and Jody have presented at International Mr. Leather (Chicago), Beyond Leather (Ft. Lauderdale), International Ms. Leather (San Francisco), Northwest Leather Celebration (San Jose), Leather Reign (Seattle), Southeast LeatherFest (Atlanta), Folsom Fringe (San Jose), Leather Levi Weekend (Upper Lake), The Group in Fresno Anniversary Celebration (Fresno), the Eureka Munch and Workshops, the Leather Realm at San Diego Pride, Leather Alley at San Francisco Pride, the Exiles (San Francisco), the Society of Janus (San Francisco), LeatherQuest (San Francisco), “Locked” (San Francisco), the Leathermen’s Discussion Group (San Francisco), the Alameda County Leather Corp (Hayward), and Top Space (San Jose).

They are scheduled to present at the Sacramento Valley Leather Corp, Southeast LeatherFest (Atlanta), Leather Levi Weekend (Upper Lake), Great Lakes Leather Alliance Weekend (Indianapolis), the Master/slave Conference (Washington D.C.), International Leather SIR/boy (San Francisco), Folsom Fringe (San Jose), Leather Reign (Seattle), South Plains Leather (Dallas), and Beyond Leather (Ft. Lauderdale).

Workshops Presented:
Responsibilities of Ownership
What Does it Mean to be a slave?

WhipMaster Bob Clark

WhipMaster Bob Clark has been involved in M/s relationships and the leather community for nearly 30 years, enjoying partnerships and play relationships with men and women, and enjoying every opportunity to meet new people. Heavily experienced in SM, and edge play in particular, he was gifted with his name through his prowess with singletails. He believes that honor and integrity are paramount in his relationships and dealings with everyone. His tastes in SM are as broad and varied as the lifestyle itself ranging from being a new player's "first time" to an advanced player's roller coaster ride operator. Although, pushing the envelope is a passion, and Bob believes the essence of edge play is pure, unadulterated and brutal truth. So, from a spiritual side, you could call him a seeker of truth. His philosophy and desire, is to make a positive difference within the community, believing that "paying it forward" does honor, to those that came before and taught him.

In the midst of all this serious truthseeking and pain dispensing, he manages to keep a great sense of humor and has had opportunity to travel the US with his property, BootPig, having adventures, meeting people and teaching at events such as TESFest, Folsom Fringe, Tribal Fire, Southwest Leather and more.

Workshops Presented:
"A" is for Alpha
Dynamic Singletails


Blissfully in service to WhipMaster Bob for nearly a decade now, and fortunate to have been in service to others prior, the label "pig" most suits her range of fun from formal service to outlandish bottoming to topping and a willingness to try new stuff. Open and forward, willing to share her experiences both good and bad, she teaches for the opportunity to learn from those she interacts with. Past experiences include a year as Ms. Olympus Leather 2003, past President of the Phoenix boys of Leather, Rocky Mountain Pantheon of Leather 2009, and presenting at numerous events including Tribal Fire, Leather Camp, In The Woods, Southwest Leather Conference, SouthPlains Leather, Dark Odyssey Fusion, Lupercalia and more. These days, she blogs about sustainability and urban farming and how the service dynamic plays a role in these adventures. Currently, she delights in building a life with Him and loving with all the intimacy that these years have brought.

Workshops Presented:
Dynamic Singletails
The Grace in Gracious

Fifth Angel

FifthAngel has spent many of his non-working weekends traveling throughout North America teaching at BDSM events for the last 11 years. He has written two books, "The Finer Points of Pain and Pleasure," a how-to guide for using pressure points in BDSM scenes, and "Your Pain, My Pleasure: Inside the Mind of a Sexual Sadist" as well as many magazine articles and interviews.

FifthAngel and his wife Katie, live a “power-balanced,” monogamous marriage that is very much SM-oriented. "Edge players" in all aspects of their lives, they enjoy vertical rock and ice climbing, blasting Zombie Clowns at the gun range, as well as whitewater rafting. When not dangling by a rope off the side of a mountain they stay at home on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado on their 5 acre farm. On the farm they care for a growing family of animals.

Workshops Presented:
Awakening the Sadist Within
Edge Play

Robyn Friedman

Robyn Friedman is an Attorney currently residing in Seattle, Washington. She has been on staff with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom since 2000, and from 2002 through 2005, she held the position of Director of the Legal Education Outreach Program. She has presented throughout the nation, and Canada, at several SM oriented conferences, such as LIL, Folsom Fringe, Kinkfest, Wicked Womyn, Tribal Fire, Family Ties, Thunder in the Mountains, Leather Reign, Pardise Unbound, Kinky Carnival and Sex Positive conferences such as The North American Conference on Bisexuality, The Evergreen Conference on Gender and Sexuality, Building Bridges, Polycamp and the National Swing Leadership Conference.

She is also a sadomasochist who loves to do incredibly mean things to incredibly nice people. For her needlework is a creative outlet, and she is blessed with many delightful and beautiful canvases to work on!

Workshops Presented:
Temporary Play Piercing 201 - Beyond the Basics

Stormmy and Miranda

Stormmy is a Native American Indian of the Tulalip Tribe and deeply devoted to his slave, Miranda. He takes his role as Master seriously and has spent countless hours educating himself on maintaining successful relationships within the community. It is this commitment and strength of character that has made him one of the most well-respected members of the CSPC, where he has been a member since 2006.

Stormmy is extremely proficient in many play implements including, but not limited to, flogging and caning. He prides himself on not only being very knowledgeable in the use of such implements but also in knowing what he has yet to learn. He has a vast amount of experience teaching others what he knows. He is an amazing instructor asking only that his students demonstrate a commitment to learning equal to his commitment to teaching.

Although he is passionate about the lifestyle and living it with integrity and purpose, he also finds time to be a mentor and friend to many. His unmatched skills are often on display at many parties at the CSPC.

When he is not participating in the lifestyle, Stormmy is equally passionate about studying the wisdom passed down through generations within his Native American tribe. He leads a sweat lodge every week which, along with his family, impart balance and harmony to his life.

Stormmy leads a full life and his knowledge and wisdom has made him one of the most popular workshop instructors within our community. However, he makes it a priority to meet new people, answer questions, and help guide those who have just started on their path to fulfillment. He looks forward to meeting you in a workshop or through casual correspondence on Fetlife where he can be found as “Renegade”.

Miranda is a mom, a homemaker and friend to many and a slave that is in service to Stormmy. For the past year she has been exploring her dominant side with Stormmy’s guidance and has become very proficient with many implements. She has been a member of the CSPC since 2006.

She has a kind heart that is reflected in her actions and attitudes. She is a woman of integrity and strength that she receives from her life of loving her family and serving Stormmy. Miranda offers a truly unique perspective on lifestyle relationships as she has successfully maintained her service to Stormmy while learning how to top others – she has gained incredible insight from seeing life from both sides.

She is a patient teacher who truly enjoys sharing what she has learned as well as gaining new insights from her students. Miranda enjoys meeting new people within the community and doing whatever she can to help guide them on their chosen path.

Although Miranda finds herself with little free time she does make it a priority to cultivate her friendships and be there for those in need. She looks forward to meeting you whether in a class or casually through Fetlife and she is always available to answer questions. She can found on Fetlife as “stormsbitch”.

Workshops Presented:
BDSM the Native Way: Rituals and Spirituality

Master Abacus and slave ann

Master Abacus was first introduced to the Leather lifestyle back in the mid-90’s with the phrase “want to try something a little different?” Since that time he has been on this journey down the road less traveled by. He has held leadership positions in several BDSM organizations and currently serves on the Board of the Seattle chapter of MAsT, and Evergreen Leather Events, the producer of Leather Reign. He is also on the Local Organizing Committee for the Leather Leadership Conference to be held in Seattle in 2013.

Master Abacus and slave ann have been married and in a Master/slave relationship since 2000. In 2007 they found their “unicorn” and in 2010 kim joined them to create their triad family. Together, they all three are active members of the Seattle Leather community and have strived to continue to grow, and to give back to the community.

slave ann is a bisexual slave to Master Abacus, and wife to her love. she has been married to her beloved Master since 2000 and together they married the love of their lives, kim, in 2010.

slave ann found the vocabulary to describe her naturally submissive nature online in the early 90’s. she tried swinging with her former husband and one of the partners introduced her to real life D/s, the joy of pain, and that women are sexy. she decided to relocate to the Pacific Northwest from Wyoming so she could fully explore her sexuality. ann is active in the community by being in service to the board of Evergreen Leather Events which produces Leather Reign and is on the local organizing committee of Leather Leadership Conference XVII (Seattle 2013).

Workshops Presented:
Relationship Sustainability in a Power Exchange Dynamic


International Ms Leather 2008

Washington State Ms Leather 1996

Workshop Presenter Extraordinaire

Hobbit has been active in the leather community for 21 years. She teaches workshops across the country, has judged uncountable contests…..blah blah blah, yawn.

You know her, you love her, (what’s not to love?) she’s back again, coming all the way from Redmond Washington to teach in that awkward time slot, 3PM on Friday. She’s short, she’s cute, she’s got big biceps, and she’s ready to teach you, her fellow bottoms, how to play with novice tops. She’s been doing it for 21 years so maybe she’s picked up a little something along the way. So come be the first at your munch to take this year’s debut workshop ‘Junior Top, Senior Bottom; How to Make it Work.

Workshops Presented:
Junior Top, Senior Bottom; How to Make it Work


Padito (aka boi Di) is the Washington State Ms. Leather 2010. She has been playing in the Seattle leather community for the last 20 years. She is a self proclaimed masochist by way of submission. She identifies as a leatherboi and has the heart and soul for service. She flags black and hunter green on the right, with occasional red and purple. However, since there isn’t a hanky code of hands on play, she just presents workshops about hurting with your hands. You can most often find Padito on one end or the other of a cane.

Workshops Presented:
Boi's in Service

Distinct Guide and icy

European upbringing and vast international life experience put a stamp on Distinct Guide's life. Exploring his first years of BDSM in the privacy of smaller groups he turned to the larger community since moving to the US. He is the head of the Distinct family and defined the family values as: Integrity, Honesty and Style. He lives with his partner and slave icy and is happy only when there are new challenges on the horizon. He loves planning and organization of parties and High Protocol dinners. He strives for perfection, but understands that no one should ever be asked for more than he can offer. In daily life he is known to use the same amount of dishes and silverware than a four person family.

He is moderating a munch in the greater Seattle area and volunteers his photo services for many Ds and kink events. His first visit to Leather Reign left a deep impression on him and he immediately volunteered with the organizational committee, where he is helping until today.

Being a professional speaker for more than a decade at his work, this will be the first opportunity to see him speak at a BDSM conference.

Icy deemed the Sadomasochistic Topping Slave is slave and partner to Distinct Guide. She is a co-organizer of one of the local munches with Distinct Guide; is on the organizational committee of Leather Reign; and was an active volunteer and Event Coordinator of the CSPC for 10 years. Her prior activities involved being the Staff Whip for Living in Leather Conference in 2001, and a local Board member for the second incarnation of NLAi Puget Sound 2001-2002, and an original committee member for Leather Thorn in the late 1990s.

Icy was raised in the military environment where, there were and are specific expectations placed on family members regarding protocols and etiquette both nationally and internationally. She participated in entertainment on a monthly basis, and was involved in planning, coordinating, and execution of cocktail parties, casual dining, various types of themed events, and formal plated dining. Guests were culturally varied resulting in diverse cuisine requirements.

Icy continues her entertaining traditions with the vanilla and BDSM parties and High Protocol dinners that Distinct Guide and her organize in their home.

Workshops Presented:
Adding More Style to the Lifestyle

Daddy Wendell

I'm a past titleholder, NW LeatherSir 2006 and Seattle Leather Daddy 2003.

I'm a daddy into playing with transmen and butch bois. I like topping flogging, impact play, bondage, cigar play, hot wax, piercing (temporary and permanent) and military scenes (I'm former military.) I own a set of clippers, multiple blades and I love a boi in a mohawk - rubbing the sides of a bristly, freshly shaved head (especially a first-time mohawk) is really hot.

Workshops Presented:
Leather Care

Jim Duvall and Sophia Sky

Jim Duvall began his career as an erotic photographer in the early days of the World Wide Web taking pictures for phone sex workers. He soon began janesguide.com along with his former partner Jane Duvall. Along with shooting for this company he has shot images for several other Web endeavors including bondage.com. His art has been shown at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and many other erotic art festivals around North America. He helped start The Betty Pages, an LGBT magazine serving Whatcom and Skagit counties and was a writer and photographer for the magazine for 5 years.

As a sexuality activist Mr. Duvall has volunteered for many organizations over the years. He is a founder and former President of the Board of Directors of the Center for Sex Positive Culture (nee Wetspot). He founded the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. He is a past President and Board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Jim Duvall teaches on a variety of topics from erotic photography to rope bondage at events and for groups all over North America. His teaching style ranges from very hands on technique classes to demonstrations and entire class hypnosis or guided meditation.

Currently he works as a fine art photographer and practices hypnotherapy in Seattle WA.

Sophia Sky was raised by wolves.

After she was socialized, she became a massage therapist and then taught a variety of massage techniques and anatomy at a nationally accredited vocational school. Teaching is among her many passions in life. Sophia offers workshops with a heavy emphasis on how understanding human anatomy and physiology can enhance one’s enjoyment of bdsm activities via increased safety and options. As a switch, she draws on her experience of being on both sides of the bdsm equation in order to apply anatomical knowledge to what it is that we do.

The arts play a large role in Sophia’s life as an artist, model and performer. She has been involved with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival since 2005 and took on the role of Visual Art Director in 2011.

Sophia maintains a therapeutic massage practice at WellSpace, located in Seattle, WA.

Workshops Presented:
Going Beyond Verbal Communication

Kelly Chance

Kelly Chance, aka Teach Me Tonight, has been an active member of the Northwest BDSM community since 1999 when she attended her first munch in the Tri-Cities, WA and quickly became involved by volunteering with the local group. She served on the board of Five Rivers Energy Exchange in the Tri-Cities. After moving back to Seattle 7 years ago to be with her Master, she has become active in the Seattle community as member of the Center for Sex Positive Culture and is a founding member of Seattle MAsT. Kelly is a director of Evergreen Leather Events which produces Leather Reign, a Seattle based conference designed to help people “Make the most of our kink.” She has been Master Duane’s slave for 11 years, actively switching for 9 years and is currently dominant in her relationship with tiger. Kelly has taught classes at In the Woods, Paradise, and Northwest Leather Celebration. She credits much of her current sense of self to her BDSM /Leather journey and continues to learn and grow as she interacts with both her teachers and her students.

Workshops Presented:
Our Kinky Closet

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