Leather Reign 2008

Laura Antoniou

Laura Antoniou has been writing erotica for over 20 years, when her day job permits her the time. She lives in Queens with her wife Karen, and happily serves as boy to Kim Attica. Friends have called her all sorts of names. Current favorites being "Renaissance Perv" by Fetish Diva Midori, "Good Boy!" by Kim and of course, "best thing that ever happened to me" by Karen.

Laura is best known these days for her "Marketplace" series of novels, but back in the beginning, when pickings for good and readable porn was slim, Laura created the groundbreaking "Leatherwomen" anthologies, and edited several others. Some of the work she created for those anthologies are reprinted in The Catalyst and Other Tales. Laura's work has been published in the United States, Germany, Japan, and Korea, to international acclaim. Her short stories and non-fiction essays also appear in other anthologies, a full listing of which can be found at Books.

She is personally featured in Writing Below the Belt:
Conversations with Erotic Authors, by Michael Rowe and The Burning Pen: Sex Writers on Sex Writing, by M.Christian. Laura was also a columnist for Girlfriends magazine from 1995-1997, the submissions editor for Badboy and Bi-Curious magazines from 1995-96, and a regular contributor to The SandMUtopia Guardian from 1993-2000.

The Marketplace series describes "an elite and secretive world organization, dedicated to the auctioning and overseeing of the world's finest lifestyle slaves... a world so vivid in sequel after sequel, it takes on a reality of its own, one that's visually hard to let go of once the reader has put down the book." (Libido Magazine).
Fans are delighted that Laura plans several more novels in the series -- look for "The Inheritor," "Slaves of the Marketplace,' and more.

If you like her writing, you'll love her presentations!
"She is always a cool presenter, funny, but very informative," says Lolita Wolf from Lolita's Predictions & Predilections

Fifth Angel

A martial artist, critical care nurse, and all-around sexual sadist, FifthAngel extracts various elements from his extensive background in martial arts, weapons and firearms training to help create some of the most emotionally and mentally challenging scenes known to BDSM. Adding the title of author to his hobbies, he has written two books, "The Finer Points of Pain and Pleasure," a how-to guide for using pressure points in BDSM scenes, and "Your Pain, My Pleasure: Inside the Mind of a Sexual Sadist."

Branded for playing on the edge, FifthAngel at times demonstrates sexual sadism in its purest sense - a sexual sadist does not enjoy seeing the bottom orgasm from pain. Rather, a sexual sadist is happy seeing the bottom NOT getting pleasure from the emotional or physical pain they are experiencing. Many are relieved to know he is not a sexual sadist all the time, while others dispute that he has ever actually been nice in a scene.

With a goal to educate others to deepen their emotional experiences through BDSM and rites of passage, he has expanded his teachings and demonstrations to include spiritual piercing and flesh hooks. FifthAngel remains an equal opportunity sadist and is always happy to work with volunteers among workshop attendees.
An edge player in all aspects of his life, he enjoys vertical rock and ice climbing as well as high altitude mountaineering.

He is a proud member and supporter of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Workshops Presented:
The Spirituality of SM: The Guided Tour
Who am I and how did I get here?

Robert (Bob) Rubel

Robert (Bob) Rubel is the editor of Power Exchange Magazine: An Alternative Lifestyle Publication. He is also the author of a number of books, including: Master/slave Relations: Handbook of Theory and Practice (2006); Protocol Handbook for the Leather slave (2006); and Flames of Passion: Handbook of Erotic Fire Play (2006 with David
Walker), and Squirms, Screams, and Squirts, a Guide to Extraordinary Sex (2007). He has served on the boards of two of his local BDSM clubs and served for two years as part of the Leadership Core of the Austin Mentors Program where he taught fire play and Master/slave relations.

Workshops Presented:
Caring and Nuturing of a M/s Relationship
Self-examination in a M/s Relationship

Robyn Friedman

Robyn Friedman is a Criminal Defense Attorney currently residing in Seattle, Washington. In addition to her criminal defense work, she also works with local SM and sex positive organizations, providing assistance in decision-making and documentation for events, as well as working with individuals in the alternative sexual communities in
various legal areas, including family law and estate planning. She also holds low cost legal clinics for the local community where she will provide legal documents, such as Durable Powers or Attorney, health Care Directives, Partnership Agreements, Wills, and consultations.

She has been on staff with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom since 2000, and from 2002 through 2005, she took on the position as the Director of the Legal Education Outreach Program. She has presented throughout the nation, and Canada, at several SM oriented conferences, such as LIL, Folsom Fringe, Kinkfest, Tribal Fire,
Family Ties, Thunder in the Mountains, and Sex Positive conferences such as The North American Conference on Bisexuality, The Evergreen Conference on Gender and Sexuality, Building Bridges and the National Swing Leadership Conference.

In addition to her activism and legal work, she is also a sadomasochist, who loves to do incredibly mean things to incredibly nice people. While she enjoys fairly hard impact play, punching and kicking, her favorite activity is poking sharp things into soft flesh and finger painting with the results. For her needlework is a creative outlet, and she is blessed with many delightful and beautiful canvases to work on!

Workshops Presented:
Protecting Yourself Legally

Master Bob and slave jan

Northwest Master 2007, calls the Portland and Willamette Valley kink communities home and is an active member of Portland Leather Alliance, MasT PNW, Portland Dom’s Group, Dungeon Monitors Association, South Valley BDSM Group, and the Eugene S/M Discussion Group. He co-founded and hosts the monthly Corvallis and Albany munches and is the producer for Leatherwoods an annual outdoor kinky camping event in the lovely Willamette Valley. In his professional life he runs his own personal motivation business, (www.SolutionMentoring.com) and is a certified life coach specializing in relationship and personal growth issues.

In and out of the leather community he is passionate about helping others to live more joyful and fully authentic lives, and therefore has established and organized fun and supportive environments for his community, moderated and facilitated discussion groups, mediated conflicts, participated on panels, and presented interactive workshops on various topics ranging from M/s dynamics to S/M technique to “Conversations on Spirituality and Sexuality”. While he understands that being out is a luxury not everyone can afford he feels fortunate to be able to choose this path for himself and his slave because he feels modeling wholeness by telling the truth about who and what we are, despite the perceived risks, is an act of authentic leadership to which he aspires. It is his hope to honor both our unique differences and our shared common experience, building bridges of understanding both within our local leather communities and within our larger circles of influence.

Northwest slave 2007, began her slave journey five years ago when her head finally caught up with her heart and has been happily in service to Master Bob ever since. They began the shift from a floundering, ho-hum “equal partnership” twelve-year marriage to a negotiated power dynamic relationship at the turn of the millennium and slowly over a year and a half’s time found themselves spirit led to living a consensual M/s lifestyle. Currently she is a member of the Portland Leather Alliance, MasT PNW, subRosa, South Valley BDSM Group, and the Eugene S/M Discussion Group. She assists in producing Leatherwoods and co-hosts the Albany and Corvallis Munches. Through moderating discussions, participating on panels, presenting workshops, writing and sharing other expressive arts she helps others to explore and celebrate their own unique paths to self discovery.

Workshops Presented:
Day to Day Master/slave
Transformation: Power Struggle to Power Dynamic

Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an eclectic artist, spiritual and erotic educator, gender radical and published author on human sexuality and spiritual experience- including "Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé" and the “Toybag Guide to Age Play”. Well known for his fun and informative approach to education, ze approaches sexuality as yet another art to master, or simply an art to enjoy to its fullest! Ze has been an active part of the international kink and sex positive communities for over 12 years, and his stories make people laugh while showing you that eroticism can be as serious, sexy, or silly as you make it.

Lee's writings and photography have appeared in numerous anthologies including "Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path" (also under his previous pen name, Bridgett Harrington), and his image has been seen everywhere from PlayBoy TV to the pages of Skin Two Magazine. To learn more about Lee visit www.PassionAndSoul.com.

Workshops Presented:
Beyond Bowed Heads: Rituals for Dominance and submission
Inner Monsters (Tops): Delving Into the Darkness of Our Desires
My Kink is not all Black: Humor and BDSM

Mistress Marry

Mistress Marry is a Professional Dominant, Sex Educator and Social Worker in the Seattle/Tacoma area and has been part of the Kink Community for almost ten years. She frequently teaches Safer Sex and HIV Prevention courses and is particularly interested in Safer Sex/Blood Borne Pathogens and where these topics intersect with the BDSM Culture. She has presented at BDSM Conferences in Victoria and the States as well as local Health Departments, Jails and Prisons.

Mistress Marry identifies as a Dominant, Kinky, Poly, Femme Leather Dyke. She is part of the education team at the Center for Sex Positive Culture (formerly known as The Wetspot in Seattle), was the Vice President of Seattle Women of Leather and is currently involved in planning Wicked Womyn 09.

Workshops Presented:
The Zen of Piercing

Coral Mallow

Coral is a force of nature, and because of that the most interesting things occur in her general vicinity. In an effort to be more than just the Universe's cat toy, She has pooled her energies into enjoying life, from chocolate to flesh hooks, boys to girls, books to super powers, and boots to gloves! Always in pursuit of knowledge and a good story, she can be found talking to just about anyone.

Coral is a member of P.L.A., R.C.D.C., F.L.A.G., Bad Girls, Bodybound, and is an honorary Bear. She is an educator, artist, Ordeal Path shaman, body pride advocate, model, gamer/comic geek, mentor, and honored to be the Owner of her property, Ryan.

During her reign as Ms.Oregon Leather 2007 she will raise money for her and her Sash husband Ben "Bear" Brown Jr's charities, Esthers's Pantry (Coral), and Central City Concern (Ben),

Workshops Presented:
24/7 But Living Separately
An Investment Guide for Owners
My Kink is not all Black: Humor and BDSM

Scott Smith

Scott Smith grew up in the Northwest and began exploring the facets of S&M at an early age. With his creative and rather deviant mind, he enthusiastically developed his techniques of bondage and suspension from his experience with nautical and high angle rope work. The powerful physical interactions that became the hallmark of his S&M activities were initially necessities for various activities including white water afting, scuba, climbing, and paramedical rescue. Scott brings a distinct intensity and passion to the ebb and flow of learning, teaching and actualizing S&M. A believer that the magic of BDSM comes through the connection of the participants, his workshops develop and nurture that connection; while maintaining a decidedly sadistic edginess.

Scott is an active member of Chicago Hellfire Club, Delta Brotherhood International, and GMSMA. Starting in the early 90's, Scott has presented countless workshops and seminars throughout the country for organizations including: Chicago Hellfire Club, GMSMA, Leather University, C-Space, Living in Leather, OCLA, Sampler, Inferno, Thunder in the Mountains, Black Rose, Journeyman Academy, Orlando Bash, UPEX, Southplains Leatherfest and various international venues. Scott has received a number of awards, and is incredibly honored to be a recipient of the Chicago Hellfire Club’s Caligula award.

Scott may be contacted at: Kinky_Rope@yahoo.com

Various Related Works
Smith, Scott. Rope Bondage: Precision and Persuasion with Rope with DVD. Nazca Plains, 2006.

Workshops Presented:
Creating Connections through BDSM
Suspension of Disbelief: Making them think you are crazy, even if you aren't

Goddess Lakshimi and Slave Limey

Goddess Lakshimi is Ms World Leather 2003. Winner of the 2004 Vi Johnson Award for Outstanding Leadership. Winner of Pantheon of Leather's Community Choice Award 2005.

Goddess Lakshimi’s personal platform, mission and message as Ms World Leather 2003 was and still is: “Get the 411 on breast cancer” "Early Detection Saves Lives":

One Community- The Leather Community becoming aware.

One Commitment- To know your body and learn how to do self-breast examinations.

One community, our community.

Once a month – Do a self-breast examine or have someone do one for you.

Once a year- If you are 40 years old or older and have a history of breast cancer in your family GET A MAMMOGRAM.

Goddess Lakshimi is the proud author of her book "Safe Beginnings," now in its second edition.

Goddess Lakshimi is a loving lifestyle Domina with approximately twenty-five years in the lifestyle. Where she has explored many aspects of S/M, D/S and B/D. She was a professional Dominatrix for well over 15 years. She has a wide spectrum of talents ranging from the sensual to the intense. She is a sensual sadist, who has been given the nickname “Mistress Safety” for her commitment to safety in the BDSM scene.

Her favorite quotes are “To be ignorant is not a crime…however to stay ignorant is” and “Complacency is as dangerous as ignorance.”

She is currently committed to lecturing and doing demonstrations on a variety of Leather and BDSM topics. She lives by her motto “Light and Love” and is devoted to continual efforts to ensure that all in the BDSM scene have access to education so that they can be informed and be as safe as possible in their endeavors. Because of her commitment to safety and her love for all, her extended family is much too numerous too mention. She currently has one male slave, “Sweet Limey”, who is her 24/7 slave as well as her committed life partner and husband and one 24/7 female slave, “Sue b q”. The Goddess is devoted to her personal spiritual path, and believes that everyone has a right to follow his or her own spirituality no matter where it leads as long as it harms no one.

Sweet Limey or Jeremy is a male slave contracted for life to the Goddess Lakshimi. He is her life mate and now her husband. Since he came to live with her they have lived the BDSM Lifestyle at all times. His whole focus in life is to look after “Madam” to serve and obey her. He has been with her for almost ten years.

He has been in the Lifestyle for approximately 16 years, he found it on line and then moved into it in real life. He learns something new and exciting almost everyday.

They are a polyamorous, bisexual household. He is always in slave mode but loves to top men.

He was brought up in England and attended an old fashion English boarding school, the type that you read about in stories of the Victorian era.

He has presented classes on “The Mind of a slave”, “Victorian manners and formal dinning”, “Old European manner and etiquette”, “The dark side of Service” and held and helped in holding “Submissive circles” all over the United States and in Ontario, Canada. He really enjoys teaching formal Victorian dinning and actually serving formal dinners to groups of people.

Workshops Presented:
D/s Lifestyles
Do's, Don'ts and Disasters of Ownership and Servitude
The Dark Side of Service

Jonn Ireland

JONN IRELAND (www.sensualwhipping.com) has been involved in the BDSM Community for many years and a Whip Instructor for several years. To help others learn to use Whips, he has been giving personal instruction and conducted Whip Workshops in Canada and the USA for about seven years. The power exchange, control and precision required to use a Whip lured him into exploring in depth, the unique techniques of how to use a Whip in BDSM scenes. Jonn discovered that with a good Whip, proper instruction and regular practice, most people are able to use a Whip in a Scene in a very short time.

To develop a wide range of techniques and sharp accuracy however, requires more practice and personal instruction. In his Workshops, Jonn uses a 3’ Black and Red Signal Whip for warm-ups, light strikes and breast play, a Matched Pair of Joe Wheeler 5’ Signal Whips for double-handed Florentine and cross-cracking work, and a Red and Black 4’ (7’ overall) Bullwhip for wraps and harder strikes. Jonn is passionate about the "Art of Whipping" and enjoys teaching responsible, safe Whip handling techniques so that others can experience the rich complexity of “dancing on the edge” with a Whip.

Workshops Presented:
Advanced Whip Workshop

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